Resources on Prisons: Help a Reader Out!

Resources on Prisons: Help a Reader Out! June 10, 2014

Hi guys. A reader wrote in asking a question I’m embarrassingly ill-equipped to answer:

I have been reading both your articles and that of Roger Olson (from the Evangelical Patheos channel). You’re in different circles but both, from time to time, have written about poor conditions and unjust practices in prisons and the criminal justice system.

What would you recommend for a young recent college grad to

A) Read on the subject

B) Do to get involved to try to make things change, in whatever small way he can?

Basically, I’m asking you for books, articles, and organizations.

You guys know better than I do! Email me , HMU on twitter (as the kids say), etc. Here is a booklist keyed to women’s experiences in prison; here are two twitters I follow which deal with criminalization (a root cause here) and prisoners’ rights; here is a website on restorative justice; and here is a startling story of prisoner/guard interaction, from a source I trust. Patron saints of prisoners include Joseph Cafasso, Leonard of Noblac, and Maximilian Kolbe.

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