“Modernity as an Overlearning of Christianity”: Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

“Modernity as an Overlearning of Christianity”: Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry August 27, 2014

good food for thought all the way through:

…Heresy therefore always poses a tricky double challenge for orthodoxy: a heresy that affirms a thing that orthodoxy also affirms (albeit to the exclusion of other necessary truths, or drawing false consequences from it), by definition, cannot be wholly evil, and orthodoxy must affirm the good things in it; and there is always a temptation to face the overemphasis on one pole by overemphasizing the other pole and falling into the other heresy (whether formally or in practice).

It is this latter tendency that worries me when I see certain Christian discourses about Modernity.

For example, there is a certain critique of “individualism” that rejects the very notion of the importance of the individual. Historically, this is what Christianity burst into the world stage proclaiming.


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