“Youngest Son Adds Laments to the Indie Hymnal”: I’m at AmCon

“Youngest Son Adds Laments to the Indie Hymnal”: I’m at AmCon August 6, 2014

with some music:

We’ve tussled here about the possible merits of Mumford & Sons, and discussed other albums from the Christ-haunted section of the indie music world. There may be enough of these artists now to constitute a tradition or subgenre: heartfelt guys with sincere guitars, aching and unslaked souls whose faith is found in silhouette, in the negative space which remains despite everything they’ve lost. Youngest Son, a project of heartfelt/sincere Chicagoan Steve Slagg, has two new albums which describe Christian mourning—the doubt of grieving Christians as well as their faith—with emotional honesty and a tuneful, memorable pop sensibility.

Full disclosure: On Youngest Son’s first album, “Pigshit and Glowing,” there’s apparently a song sort of partly inspired by some of my writing. I haven’t listened to the album yet, mostly because that seems weird, but my personal awkwardness shouldn’t stop you.

The new releases are a full album, ”All Saints Day,” and a companion EP which you can download for free, “All Souls Day.” The free download will give you a taste; I’d be surprised if you don’t think the full album is worth paying for.


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