Where Are the Lady Mountain Goats?

Where Are the Lady Mountain Goats? May 31, 2015

A cri de coeur! Where are the women who write weird, metaphor-laden personal songs about their fraught relationship with the Lord? Are there Sufjanes out there? I would really like music by women, in just about any genre, with lots of Christian stuff (they don’t have to be actual believers, just people with really intense relationships with God and the Church) and not prettified but raw. Not Avengers-type stuff about anger at the Church, or anyway not only that, but about complex longings in which doubt and faith interweave.

And I admit I don’t go for Sinead O’Connor, who I suspect is the real answer to my question, so I guess I’m asking if there are other answers. Tell me on twitter @evetushnet or email eve_tushnet@yahoo.com …

not this, although I like this.

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