Kitchen Adventures: Fall Omelet

Kitchen Adventures: Fall Omelet October 15, 2015

Today’s lunch.

Ingredients: butter, two eggs, splash of milk, maybe a quarter of a large Honeycrisp apple, most of a jalapeno, some shredded cheddar cheese, black pepper, a bit of salt.

What I did: Diced the apple and jalapeno. Stirred the milk into the eggs with a fork until it was all basically one color. Added apple and jalapeno and stirred them in. Melted butter in a small nonstick pan. Poured egg mixture into pan. Let it sit on what I’m gonna call medium heat but was probably fairly high, until the bottom was just starting to brown. Put some cheddar down the middle, folded it over the cheddar and flipped. (I am always super clumsy with this step but it affects the appearance of the thing, not really the taste.) Let it cook a couple seconds more, turned the burner off, and gave it maybe ten more seconds while I did some basic cleanup. Slid it onto a plate, gave it a grind or so of pepper and a dash of salt, voila. When I’d finished the omelet I started in on the rest of the apple as dessert.

How it worked: YUM. Admittedly there’s a lot of this apple left over, but this was fantastic.

What you could easily add: Cumin seems like an obvious addition.

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