Christie in Greeneland: From “Funerals Are Fatal”

Christie in Greeneland: From “Funerals Are Fatal” February 15, 2016

“Because there’s the most wonderful chance of a play. Michael’s got an option on it. It’s a most wonderful part for him and even a small part for me, too. It’s about one of these young criminals, you know, that are really saints–it’s absolutely full of the latest modern ideas.”

“So it would seem,” said Mr Entwhistle stiffly.

“He robs, you know, and he kills, and he’s hounded by the police and by society–and then in the end, he does a miracle.”

Mr Entwhistle sat in outraged silence. Pernicious nonsense these young fools talked! And wrote.

(I prefer the title After the Funeral for this one, but my copy is Funerals Are Fatal so what can you do? Anyway it’s got plenty of Christie nostalgia, antimodernism, and guying of her own nostalgia and antimodernism. I think she would appreciate the perspective of the Smiths, below.)

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