“Monks and At-Risk Teens Run School Together”: HuffPo

“Monks and At-Risk Teens Run School Together”: HuffPo April 5, 2016

you know this part stood out to me:

…The other secret to their success is to let students lead — literally. The student body is divided into groups of about 25 kids each, in 7th to 12th grade, said Fr. Edwin. Each group has a student leader, and together with the other group leaders, they run the school. They know the grades of all of the kids in their section, and are involved in many of their discipline issues. They set the school schedules and coordinate events — and they even interview the juniors in the Spring to recommend replacements to the monks for when they graduate.

“When you give teenage boys responsibilities, sometimes it goes wrong, but you debrief them,” Fr. Edwin says. “It’s risky, and most people are afraid to take that risk, and allow kids [that responsibility]. A lot of guys of color feel like nobody pays attention, nobody listens — so we create situations where they make the arguments, they change the schedule — that’s important.”

more (via Amy Welborn)

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