An Interview on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

An Interview on Crisis Pregnancy Centers November 8, 2019

with the Irish website, The Minimise Project:

Ever wondered what crisis pregnancy centres do? How do they actually help women?  I did, so I interviewed Eve Tushnet, whose writing has appeared in a number of publications, including the Atlantic, and (online) the Washington Post, the New York Times, and now this blog. …She has also been volunteering in Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center since 2002 (and her views are, of course, her own and not the official position of the centre).

CHPC is located in Washington DC so the obstacles facing pregnant and parenting women there might be different to the ones women face here, in Ireland. But I also used the interview as an opportunity to ask questions about problems that women coming to the centre face, and to ask more general questions about how the friends of women who are pregnant or parenting can support them.  I also asked about volunteering for an explicitly Christian pregnancy center, and how this works.


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