A Pastoral Letter to Those Affected by the Gulf Oil Spill

A Pastoral Letter to Those Affected by the Gulf Oil Spill June 23, 2010
May 28, 2010

A pastoral letter to those affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster

In life and in death we belong to God. Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, we trust in the one triune God, the Holy One of Israel, whom alone we worship and serve. (A Brief Statement of Faith)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace to you and peace. We thank God in Jesus Christ for all of you. We are praying with you as the tragedy of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill unfolds. We grieve with you as we witness the destruction of life, livelihood, and environmental integrity in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are especially mindful of the families of the eleven oil workers who died when the rig exploded, and we continue in prayer for those who are impacted directly by this unfolding tragedy — those who live and work on the seas, service industry personnel, and countless others whose lives have been altered so severely. We also remember the many communities whose local economies have been, and will be, damaged. We are deeply saddened as we begin to grasp the extensive impact of this disaster on you and on God’s creation.

While the full impact of the disaster is not yet clear, know that you continue in our hearts and prayers. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) stands with you. In particular, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Environmental Ministries, Presbyterian Hunger Program, the Washington Office, and other ministries of the General Assembly Mission Council are assessing the situation and conferring with presbyteries and congregations in the affected areas to plan and prepare appropriate responses to this disaster. We call on Presbyterians to hold you in prayer and to support you in your rebuilding efforts.

May you experience afresh the love of God strengthening you, the hope and peace of Christ accompanying you, and the power of the Holy Spirit sustaining you this day and in all the difficult days ahead.

Bruce Reyes-Chow
Moderator, 218th General Assembly (2008)
Gradye Parsons
Stated Clerk of the General Assembly
Linda Bryant Valentine
Executive Director, General Assembly Mission Council

For updates and resources about the oil spill, visit the PC (USA) Eco-Journey blog.

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