Fw: What a black columnist has to say about Obama

Fw: What a black columnist has to say about Obama April 10, 2008

Yesterday I received an email forward from a relative that was
politically charged. The subject of the email was, “Fw: What a black
columnist has to say about Obama.” The intriguing aspect of that
subject line was that the columnist himself tried to down play race
while informing his readers about the “most liberal” Senator [Obama] in
the Senate. Likewise, Ken Blackwell the black columnist

and Republican candidate for Governor of Ohio in 2006, thinks it is imperative that Obama not be our next President.


In fact, we simply can’t afford morally or economically another
conservative like President Bush. Morally, our self-described pro-life
President has done nothing to lower the abortion rate. Citizens should
remember that it was a Democrat, President Clinton, who signed the
Defense of Marriage Act.


I think we are more likely to see a “liberal” president offer up
ideas to lower the abortion rate. I say that because the abortion issue
is going to take some compassion for others (spending money for my
conservative friends).
Senator Obama said in November, “Forty percent of working women do not
have a single paid sick day. More and more women are denied jobs or
promotions because they've got kids at home. As the son of a single
mother, that is not the America that I believe in. I'll be a President
who stands up for working parents. We'll require employers to provide
seven paid sick days each year.” This idea from Senator Obama is just a
little step that could help when women feel trapped in making hasty
decisions about the future.


Besides what is pro-life about the war in Iraq in which over 4,000
soldiers have died? General Petraeus, our military leader on the ground
in Iraq, can’t clearly say that the war is worth the sacrifice of our
troops when asked the question by Republican Senator John Warner.


What is conservative about spending $5 million dollars per hour in
Iraq? Before breakfast we would’ve spent $35 million dollars in Iraq
(midnight – 7am). This massive dumping of the US dollar in the sands of
Iraq is why we are seeing gas prices inflate. Consequently, someone
working minimum wage needs to work almost 30 minutes for just a gallon
of gas.


Everything seems more expensive to me. College costs are a good
example. Obama has suggested a $4,000 tax credit for those attending an
accredited university. I believe that is $4,000 dollars well invested
in the future of our country. Just for comparison, each American has
paid about $2,000 dollars on the war in Iraq over the last 5 years or
collectively $752 billion dollars.


As a moderate, I’m not totally in agreement with my more liberal
friends, but I’m hopeful that Senator Obama can lead this country. He’s
offered some great ideas.


I probably shouldn’t have been bellicose, but I responded back to my
relative that sent the oh so partisan email with one word – hope.


Orignally published @ adamparish.org


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