McCain and Bush Virtually indestinguishable on most issues

McCain and Bush Virtually indestinguishable on most issues June 10, 2008

This letter describes Mr. McCain’s frequent
self-contradictions, deep similarities to President Bush, and irritability when
confronted with facts.


Follow the link below to an article in which McCain states
wrongly that the troop surge in Iraq came before the Iraqi “Awakening,” then
insists again and again that he is correct, in the face of much evidence to the
contrary, even his own words.


Follow these links to a video compilation of several McCain

The link below is to a video showing two McCain campaign
speeches side by side. One speech is given to supporters, the other speech is
given to a conservative group that doubts McCain’s conservative credentials. In
the speech to supporters, McCain ridicules the idea that he is just like Bush.
In the other speech, he affirms that on all matters “of importance to the
American people,” he is just like Bush. The speeches play together, line by
line. It’s actually a little eerie to watch him make two utterly contradictory
points so emphatically.



For a description of other McCain contradictions, read this
New Republic article:


Follow the link below to an article describing an incident
in which John McCain claimed that US troops in Iraq had been reduced to
pre-surge levels. When told that he was wrong, that troops had been drawn down,
but not to pre-serge levels, McCain argued that he was essentially right, that
saying “drawn down to pre-surge levels” is the same as saying “drawn down.” In
reality, the statements are different from one another in substance, not merely
semantics. Still, McCain got quite testy with the journalists and angrily stood
by his words.


This fascinating insistence that his words should be
regarded as true and accurate even when they are not, has contributed to McCain’s
ability to maintain positions that are similar, if not identical to President
Bush’s, while claiming that he does no such thing.


He does. Below are links to articles in which Mr. McCain
echoes the President’s position on most of the issues of our day, sometimes
word for word.


McCain states that Bush was right to veto kids health
insurance expansion.


McCain and Bush vote to oppose the 2008 expanded GI bill.
McCain states that it is just too expensive to send vets to college, and that
giving vets a college education discourages them from remaining in the military.


McCain is not pro-choice. In this USA TODAY article, he
states, “I do not support Roe vs. Wade. It should be overturned.”


McCain defends Bush’s plan for Iraq, calling it, “Difficult but



An article in the Huffington Post explaining that in 2008,
McCain voted with Bush 100% of the time.


John McCain votes to filibuster the minimum wage hike, which
is a wage hike supported by 75% of all Americans:


McCain lobbyist and economic adviser is vice chair of a
giant Swiss bank with a clear interest
in keeping the U.S.
mortgage market deregulated. He continues to both advice McCain and work for
the bank.


President Bush and McCain share the stage in a joint
appearance airing their shared views about Social Security.


McCain reaffirms his support for NAFTA and blasts Hillary
and Obama for wanting to renegotiate the treaty. One rationale he uses is that
since the US needs Canada’s help in Afghanistan, we should not make changes in
NAFTA that might anger them.


The McCain
Plan to Cut Oil Company Taxes by Nearly $4 Billion


While deploring the federal governments response to Katrina,
McCain himself voted against an independent 9/11-style commission investigating
Katrina. Stating that he had voted for “every investigation” into the disaster,
he was corrected by a New Orleans
journalist who pointed out his “no” votes. McCain then went on to say that he
really couldn’t remember.


This article traces comments made by President Bush
regarding the Iraq
war, from 2002 up to the present. Side by side, you can read McCains comments,
which eerily echo Mr. Bush’s words, line per line:


This article shows McCain parroting Bush’s comments on the
economy, using the same phrases as the President, “The Fundamentals are
strong,” “We are not headed for a recession,” “We’re only in a rough patch,”
etc. McCain is shown echoing Mr. Bush’s
thinking, down to the details.


McCain’s fundraising sources are the same as Mr. Bush’s. Here is the list of 36 bundlers who raised large
amounts of cash for Bush during his 2000 and 2004 campaigns and are now raising
the same large amounts for McCain.

article shows the deep connections between President Bush’s and candidate
McCain’s lobbying teams. Even after firing four lobbyists in late May, Mr.
McCain continues to court them. His current election team includes 22 top aids
and fundraisers who also lobby for defense contractors, 13 advisers and
fundraiser who also lobby for oil companies, and 37 advisers who also lobby for
pharmaceutical companies.

McCain is publicly critical of the government’s response to Katrina, he voted
several times against a commission to investigate its response. He also
against an amendment that would establish a committee to investigate waste,
fraud and abuse in the reconstruction after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. He
also voted against granting Katrina victims access to Medicaid. Acknowledging
that FEMA’s response was central to the problem, McCain recommends privatizing
relief efforts, putting Wal-Mart, FedEx and Home Depot in charge of
distribution of needed supplies.


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