Does God Want Obama to Win?

Does God Want Obama to Win? November 1, 2012

If you’re Romney right now, you’ve got to be cursing your luck. You’re in a neck-and-neck race the week before the election with a message about how the President can’t lead and mistakenly thinks we need a strong and effective government in America…and then wham: the biggest natural disaster since Katrina hits. FEMA–the agency you promised to shut down if elected–handles itself remarkably. One of your biggest supporters spends the day doing national photo-ops with the President, praising him for his leadership and for having put in place the systems that saved countless lives and dramatically reduced the damage Sandy could have done.

Voters throughout the affected regions are reminded that for all the good individuals and the private sector can do, there are times when we just need an effective government. And those same voters can’t help but compare the competence and rapid response of the Obama Administration following Sandy to the bumbling response from the ill-equipped and underfunded FEMA under the last Republican Administration.

You had so many plans for this week! Now all gone! It’s almost enough to let you empathize with those “takers” (as your running mate would call them) who lost everything in this storm…almost.

And this all feels so familiar…wasn’t there another time recently when you were hoping all eyes would be turned toward you and ears open to your spin, only to see those hopes also dashed by a prior “Act of God” (to use the legal term)? Oh yes, that’s right. Nearly half the Republican National Convention had to be cancelled due to the last major “act of God.” And that disaster of a convention sent the campaign into a tail spin, which took over a month to level out.

If it weren’t for the assurance that God sides with the wealthy, the “makers,” and the better half of America who will never need the government and who take full responsibility for their own lives…if it weren’t for that reassurance, one sure might sure start to wonder.


Obviously, my above attempt to channel Romney’s cosmic doubts is largely in jest. I’m not sure whether God wants Obama to win or not. And unlike many of my friends in the Religious Right, I understand there is a real danger in trying to decipher God’s will or judgment in natural disasters. I’m also a firm believer in Providence, so I have no doubt God’s will can still be done in a Romney administration.

Patheos’ question this week is whom should we vote for and how should our faith inform that decision? Bringing faith into politics is a perilous endeavor. Neither Party comes close to reflecting God’s perfect will for the world. And while faith is about service and ideals, politics tends to be about power and compromise. But as Christians, that doesn’t mean we should ignore politics or base our decisions on secular principles. We need to choose between two imperfect options to find the one that more closely reflects Christian values and stands up for the groups Jesus stood up for.

Lincoln probably put it best when he said we should not seek to show God is on our side as much as to work to ensure we are on His. And so I’ll close with a few final points on that front. There is only one time in the Bible where Jesus lays out the criteria he’ll use to determine who makes it into heaven: Matthew 25, where he says we’d be judged by whatever we do unto the least of these. He also had a heck of a lot to say about helping the rich at the expense of the poor (we did a nice Biblical primer on that). Romney has scorned 47% of working American families. Ryan has called 60% of Americans “takers.” And their budget and policies are entirely about cutting programs that help the least of these to make it even harder for the wealthy to squeeze through that needle’s eye.

Another factor to consider is that there is only one sin in the New Testament to get the divine death penalty: hypocrisy. If you haven’t watched it yet, you must watch this video contrasting Romney’s statement to church leaders about his concern for the poor and the important role government plays in caring for them with his statements to rich donors behind closed doors. It is damning. And not to be outdone, Ayn Rand acolyte Paul Ryan faked his concern for struggling families by pretending to wash dishes at a soup kitchen…that were already clean…in a soup kitchen that was closed. When you worship at the altar of mammon, it’s hard to serve anyone else.

And since someone will start crying “abortion” in the comments if I don’t address it now, as I’ve already argued, if you are pro-life and think protecting the unborn is more important than talking about the unborn, you clearly should vote Democrat.

I may not know for sure whom God wants to win or whom Jesus would vote for. But given the choice in this race, there is no doubt in my mind whom I’m going to be voting for: President Obama.


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  • Frank

    God would not support anyone who is of a party with abortion on demand.

    The President was simply doing his job. He does not get extra credit for it. Meanwhile we have had a terrible four years and if Obama gets reelected we will have an even more dismal four more years.

  • It sure would have been nice if folks had been doing their job before and after Katrina. And isn’t it nice to have FEMA and all the first responders around to do their job? Yes, a President is expected to do his job. But the last one didn’t, and Romney doesn’t think it should be the job of the president or federal government to help after a disaster.

    • Frank

      Yet another misrepresentation from you. You lost your credibility long ago.

      Obama lost his long ago too so you are in good company .

      • Christian Not Conservative

        And what credibility do you have? (Rhetorical question: You don’t have any.) You might have some if you would ever back up some of your claims, but you never do on any of your posts. You’re a typical conservative: All propaganda, nothing to back it up, and you attack those that disagree with you.

        • ToronadoBlue

          If you are looking for propaganda, you’ve come to the right blog.

        • Frank

          Here are the facts in case you missed them:

          Since legalization, abortion has become so routine more than 40 million unborn
          babies have been aborted since 1973. In 1996, 1,365,730 abortions were recorded, an
          increase of well over 100% since 1973, when the annual figure was 615,831, according to
          the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. About every 20 seconds a baby is
          aborted. 159 abortions are done every hour, 3,805 every day, 115,744 every month.
          Almost 30% of all pregnancies are now ended by abortion.Between 1974 and 1983 the repeat abortion rate soared drastically – 166%.

  • ToronadoBlue

    Keep in mind that Eric Sapp is a propagandist for the Democrat party. He is with Eleison Group, the goal of which is to ‘winning over moderates and independents and mobilizing progressives’. Look at the blog name. As a propagandist, he will point out things that make the Democrat party look good and the Republicans bad. He will find fault in only one side and ignore it on the other.
    For instance, he will bring up the 47% comment by Romney, but ignore the ‘bitter clingers’ comment by Obama as well as the comments by his mentor, Wright.

    So, ‘Faithful Democrats’ is not a blog that will be fair and look at both sides of the issues.

    Other issues that he won’t bring up
    The way we are screaming into debt
    How not enough jobs are being created
    How global food prices are increasing
    The hostile business climate
    The attacks on free speech
    The attacks on religious freedom
    Increased taxes on the middle class
    Declining incomes
    Increasing food stamp use
    Gas prices
    Pensions going broke
    Towns going broke
    States going broke
    The compliance of the liberal media to protect this administration
    The all too sluggish economic recovery
    Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize for being doing nothing other than being Obama
    The removal and reinsertion of ‘God’ into the Democratic platform
    And Jeremiah Wright

    Furthermore, your arguments regarding abortion in the post “If You Are Truly Pro-Life, You’d Vote Democrat” were soundly weak and easily refuted.

    With some arrogance, Eric- you finally admitted that ‘Partial Birth Abortion’ was hard to justify.

    I debated whether or not to post this, but since you mentioned hypocracy, I thought I’d point out the plank in your eye.

    • Eric Sapp

      Hypocrisy would be if I said no one should take a political position as a Christian and then took one. It’s not when I say both candidates are imperfect and yet on balance I support one over the other (and one Party over the other). You do realize Tornado that it is basically impossible to both point to the blog name as proof of what I’ll be saying while also attacking me for being a hypocrit who pretends to be one thing but says and does another. And all you have to do is Google my name to see I’ve been critical of the Democratic Party at times. But when we’re talking as we are this month about a choice between two imperfect options, I have no problem explaining why Obama should be the obvious choice.

      • Frank

        You may have no problem doing it but you have yet to make a credible case for anyone, especially a Christian to vote for Obama.

      • ToronadoBlue

        You do have a point about the blog title, which is aptly named ‘Faithful Democrats’ instead of ‘Faithful Christians’.

        What is hypocritical is what is immediately under it:
        “Because Jesus wasn’t kidding about loving your neighbors.”

        Whether you’d like to admit it, conservatives and republicans are your neighbors too, as well as unborn children.

        I know that as a paid propagandist (assuming you do this for money rather than bleating Democrat talking points for a hobby) that you want to market your side over the other… which is fine. Companies market their products all the time, Politicians argue their side all that time. I’m fine with that (sort of).

        But Eric, and I say this respectfully, there is sometimes a fine line between marketing and slander. ‘Bearing a false witness’ against your neighbor is a strong temptation when dealing with politics. You have asserted in several places that Republicans have done nothing to fight against abortion, and are using the issue for votes. I brought up proof to you that they do care.

        Furthermore, you asserted that abortion only rises (or plateaus) during Republican administrations and drops during Democrat ones. You cited Clinton’s admin, but ignored Carter’s where abortion had significantly increased.

        I have brought those points up to you, but yet you’ve copied and pasted your generic “GOP = more abortions/ DEM = less” answers again.
        Please don’t ignore the statistics and facts, and stop bearing false witness because “Jesus wasn’t kidding about loving your neighbors”. It would also be nice to edit and add a note at the bottom of your abortion article with this update, otherwise it be would be hypocritical to let this stand.

        Regarding your comments that you’ve criticized the Democrat Party in the past, I’ve looked and haven’t found any serious critical articles. I’ve seen a couple that criticized Democrat messaging and one where you criticized Democrats for ignoring ‘faith’ voters. Out of curiosity, have you criticized Democrats for abortion stances, or same sex marriage stances, or for taking God out of the platform, or infringing on religious liberties, or for any other religious issue? If there is one I’d like to read it.

        • Eric

          Tornado, I’m not sure I see your point about our tag line. I understand Republicans are our neighbors, and I have never written anything hateful about them and definitely dont hate them. Critiquing their policies and questioning the motives of their political leaders isn’t inconsistent with recognizing their are my neighbors and God’s children.

          I stand by my assertion that Republicans use abortion as a political football and don’t want solutions. I’ve said in multiple settings, including speaking at state Democratic conventions, that the “women’s groups” do the same. Neither want the issue to go away b/c they’d lose funding and their influence. The fact that you could point to a few messaging bills that had no impact and definitely did not reduce abortions in any meaningful way does not undermine my premise. Democrats wanted universal healthcare. When they controlled the White and Congress, they pushed it through. Democrats created Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, EPA, etc b/c those issues were important to them and they made them happen when they had power. When Republicans control government, not only do they not take any meaningful action on abortion (let alone Roe), but abortions go up.

          Of course legal abortions went up dramatically under Carter. That was when Roe became law. Granted, we don’t have data on the number of illegal abortions taking place before then, but it’s kind of like blaming FDR for the increase in liquor liscences under his Administration b/c he took over when Prohibition was ended.

          Finally, I can’t help but feel there is a little pot calling the kettle black with all your critiques. In all your many comments, I’ve never heard you deliniate all the problems with the GOP. I haven’t written about all your pet issues b/c I don’t think they are the most important ones and they clearly aren’t what the Bible or Jesus focused on. Conversely when Romney lied to pastors on camera about his concern for the poor, which was the group Jesus was most concerned about, your response wasn’t to criticize Romney but to try to drag up Rev. Wright.

          My faith informs my politics, not the other way around. But I also am not ashamed in the least or feel the need to justify the fact that I do have political views.

          • ToronadoBlue

            Roe v Wade was decided in 1973 and therefore statistics during Carter admin (which began in ’77) is a valid point. Therefore you can’t claim that abortions decrease during Dem administrations.

            Now you are asserting that GOP could have pushed for legislation against abortion when they held power. But if you remember, they didn’t have a filibuster proof power in which they could ram through laws.

            Compare, During the 109th Congress, there were 55/100 GOP Senate and 232/435 GOP house. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to overturn RoeVWade.

            During the 111th, the DEMS held 55/100 and 256/435 House. While the numbers for the Senate were the same, the DEM advantage in the house was just enough to push through the health care legislation. And as you remember, it was a tough fight thru the end even with that 232 to 202 advantage.

            So I don’t understand what the GOP could have done other than pass what they could against Democrat objections (yes, they objected) and try to get pro-Life justices on the Supreme Court (where RvW could be overturned)

            So the point, just because they had power for a little while, doesn’t mean they could snap their fingers and the Democrats would fall in line with a pro-life position.

            And no, abortions didn’t jump up during GOP admins. Furthermore, the abortion rate was dropping before Clinton. I have the numbers to back me up… call me on it.

            Regarding Romney, I haven’t really focused on him because as you pluck at the speck in his eye, I’ve been pointing at the 2×4 pressure treated piece of lumber blocking your vision. I have good and bad things to say about him, but since this is a propaganda blog for the Democrat party, I figure I let you do the attacking and I point out your inconsistencies.

            If your faith guides your politics, you can start with pushing a ban on the systematic murder of your unborn neighbors. And if you can’t do that, you should feel shame because those specific political views are against God.

        • ToronadoBlue

          Correction, the Dem advantage in the House during the healthcare bill passage was roughly 256 Dem -to 179 GOP (or thereabouts).

          • ToronadoBlue

            Another correction… sorry – I wish there was an edit button on these posts, but i found out that the Dem Senate between 56-58 during the 111th congress, not 55.

            Also, with my last statement, I meant to say that ‘abortion was against God’, not that the view of banning abortion was against God.

            Signing up for English classes now.

    • Sundown

      ToronadoBlue: You still haven’t answered my question on whether or not Williams Jennings Bryan was a real Christian.

      • ToronadoBlue

        The short answer is “I hope so”.
        When you asked that question, I started to read up on him and then got sidetracked reading on the differences between Republicans and Democrats during the 1908 campaign. I never really heard of WJB before other than in passing.
        There are some good things to note about WJB in that he seemed to be a devout believer in Christ. But there were other things that are concerning, such as some would consider him a warmonger and a racist. It was interesting to read that the ‘Cowardly Lion’ from the Wizard of Oz may have been based on him.
        Another interesting thing about him is that he is described as a Federalist and was an advocate of States-rights, – but he was also a supporter of permanently expanding the power of the federal government for welfare issues.
        There is something I am wondering though, during his lifetime Christianity was more accepted and publicly respected than it is today. It was far easier to be a defender of Christianity then than in today’s hostile environment. I’m wondering what he’d be like today if he lived in our current society?
        Overall, there are some good things about him and some bad things. I don’t know anything about his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I didn’t read anywhere whether he supported abortion rights, same sex marriage, or supported infringements on religious liberties.

        Getting back to your question, the best and most honest answer I can give is ‘I hope so!”

  • Eric
  • liver

    Thank you, this is a great post.

  • John

    Good comments. me….not sure what exact GOP party line is re abortion, but if I not mistaken, Romney accepts it in the case of rape, life of mother.

    • Eric

      Here is Romney’s position on abortion, all in his own words. I’m sure that will make it extremely clear where he stands!

      Massachusetts Senate Campaign: NARAL Romney
      1994: Romney: “I Believe That Abortion Should Be Safe and Legal” And “I Have Since The Time My Mom Took That Position When She Ran In 1970.”
      1994: Romney said he’d ensure abortion in Massachusetts was “Safe, Legal, And Free For Someone Who Can’t Afford It.”
      1994: Romney On Roe V. Wade: “I Do Not Want To Change It, Overturn It, Reverse It.”

      Governor’s Race in Massachusetts: Making His Pro-Choice Values Clear
      2002: Romney: “Let Me Make This Very Clear: I Will Preserve And Protect A Woman’s Right To Choose.”
      2002: Romney: “I Do Not Take The Position Of A Pro-Life Candidate.”

      Finishing in MA and Looking National: Mr. Changing Sides
      2005: Romney: “I Am Pro-Life” Except “In Cases Of Incest, Rape, And To Save The Life Of The Mother.”
      2006: Romney: “I’d Like A State To Have The Choice To Be Pro-Life” But “If Another State Wants To Be Pro- Choice That Would Be Its Right.”

      Beginning of his 1st Presidential Run: Mr. Pander
      2006: Romney later said he would sign a bill outlawing abortion, “Even In Cases Of Rape Or Incest.”
      2007: Romney said he would be “Delighted” to sign a bill banning “All Abortions.”
      2007: Romney said he supported a nation-wide ban on abortion as part of the Republican Party Platform.

      2nd Presidential Run: Positioning Himself as the GOP Moderate
      2011: Romney: “Abortion Should Be Limited To Only Instances Of Rape, Incest Or To Save The Life Of The Mother.”

      Later in Primary when it was clear moderation wouldn’t win
      2011: Romney: “The Supreme Court Should Reverse Roe V. Wade.”
      2011: Romney said he “absolutely” would have supported amending the Massachusetts Constitution when Governor (2002-2006) to define human life with all rights as beginning at conception.
      2012: Romney: “I’m A Pro-Life Person And I’ll Be A Pro-Life President.”

      After Primary, Appealing to Swing Voters: Back to the Middle/ Mr. Moderate
      2012: Romney: “There’s No Legislation With Regards To Abortion That I’m Familiar With That Would Become Part Of My Agenda.”

      After Backlash from Conservatives: Mr. Right Again
      2012 (later that same day): Campaign: “Governor Romney Would Of Course Support Legislation Aimed At Providing Greater Protections For Life.”
      2012: Romney: “I Am A Pro-Life Candidate, Will Be A Prolife President…I will take pro-life measures.”

      Back to the Middle Again
      2012: Spokeswoman on Romney Campaign Ad: “Those ads saying Mitt Romney would ban abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. He thinks abortion should be an option.”
      This past week from the campaign: “A Romney Administration will pose no threat to Roe, which will remain the law of the land.”

      • John

        Thanks! I knew he did the switch from side to side….personally, as a Democrat I’d like time, energy….and money spent helping adopt children born in the US. My wife and would have gladly done so but could not afford it!

        • ToronadoBlue

          I can’t verify what Eric stated as true and accurate, however I would agree that he hasn’t been consistent with abortion as I’d like him (Romney) to be.

          With that said, we do know where Obama stands:
          In 2001, Illinois Senators introduced legislation to care for children who survived a practice known as “induced abortions,” where a surviving baby is left unattended after labor is induced. State Senator Obama opposed this legislation.

          While a Senator, 3 bills were introduced regarding Partial Birth Abortion.
          SB1093 – If during the abortion, if there was a chance that the baby would survive, a Dr. must be present.
          SB1094 – Parents have right to sue to protect the child’s rights.
          SB1095 – If baby was alive after abortion, it shall then be legally a person.
          Senator Barak Obama was the only person in the committee to oppose the bill.

          While running for election, Senator Obama says he would not yield on the issue of protecting women’s right to choose to terminate pregnancies.

          During a debate in 2007, Senator Obama was asked if he supported partial-birth or late term abortion. He didn’t say yes or no.

          As a US senator, he did cosponsor ‘The Freedom of Choice’ Act which would have further extended abortion rights.

          Throughout his career I cannot find any ‘pro-life’ votes with regard to abortion.

          With another pro-life judge on the Supreme Court, there might be a chance to overturn Roe V Wade or restrict it further. With Obama, we know that we are going to get a judge that is pro-choice. With Romney, we are ‘likely’ to get a pro-life judge, especially if GOP seats are maintained.

          I wish I could reshuffle the deck with regards to candidates, but these are the one’s we are stuck with.

          With regards to adoption, there are various programs to help with affordability. My wife and I have recently adopted a son. However as a person that believes life is sacred, I believe not enough energy can be expended to saving lives.

          • Frank

            Exactly! You cannot in good faith for vote Obama.

  • Abraham Yeshuratnam

    What has Obama done all these four years to get reelected? Like the floods of monster storm Sandy, American cities are today flooded with illegal immigrants, after Obama gave them green signal, at a time when thousands of American boys and girls are without jobs. America is also submerged in $ 16 trillion debt borrowed from other countries, especially China. Economic recession, mass unemployment, total failure in foreign policy (the turmoil we see in the Middle East today) .The murder of the American ambassador is a national humiliation like 9/11. . President Magarief of Libya says deadly attack on US Consulate was ‘pre-planned act of terrorism,’ not reaction over film. During Obama presidency, America lost its status as a superior power. Obama could not stop the bloodbath in Syria which has been going on for more than a year. There is another potential danger looming large in the horizon. Obama has authorized joint military exercise with Egypt. After Morsi became president, several alarming changes have taken place. . In a fiery speech Morsi said before an enthusiastic crowd that the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood is “The Koran is our constitution. The Prophet Muhammad is our leader. Jihad is our path. And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.” But Obama has authorized joint military exercise with Muslim Brotherhood forces. In the new geopolitical scenario. Egypt having intimate ties with Beijing and Moscow and with the emergence of a new axis in the Middle East – Tehran-Cairo-Baghdad-Damascus – it is suicidal for America to train Muslim Brotherhood forces in defensive and offensive operations. And yet Obama has done this unpatriotic and treacherous act. Another term for Obama will embolden him strengthen this alliance with Islamist Egypt which will be a great danger for America and Israel. As In the first two years of their joint reign Obama and Bernanke have waged a hidden inflation war on the middle class that has fleeced more wealth from folks on Main Street than the previous 20 years. These two men, along with their cohorts in D.C. and at the Fed, have set America on a road to financial perdition and economic ruin.

  • concerned citizen

    I can see good points and bad points about both the Republican and Democratic parties, but the issue is president Obama. Since I am assuming most of us are Christians on this website and we abide by the Bible, I would like for everyone to see this video: Obama clearly belittles God’s Word in this video, so as a Christian, could I vote for this man? No way. I don’t care what point he was trying to make–he was making fun of the Bible. If he did this to any other religious book, there would be an uproar. So the point I want to make is this: If you have seen this video and still vote for Obama, you cannot be a real Christian. Also, Obama does not want to back Israel. Israel is God’s nation, we must support Israel as Christians. Furthermore, the healthcare bill, which many Americans did not want in the first place, fines people for not having insurance. How is that “helping your neighbor”?? Not to mention the chip that Obama wants to put in people, whether it is the mark of the beast or not, it is opening up the path for the mark of the beast. Overall, voting for the man and his policies, NO I WOULD NOT VOTE FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA! Watch the video please!!!!!!