Faith and Democratic Party Politics, an Interview I Gave…

Faith and Democratic Party Politics, an Interview I Gave… November 9, 2012

Earlier this year I accepted an invitation from Odyssey Network to sit down, before the cameras, and talk about the past 8 years and my front row seat to the Democratic Party’s work to reestablish its voice and message as a Party that includes, embraces and shares the values of fellow Americans of faith.

(Link to Interview:

That voice had been silent; yet far from nonexistent. There’s a difference. And one didn’t have to road trip to find the fruits of people of faith who act out their values as Democrats – standing up for the poor, giving voice to the voiceless, finding value on the edges of society where people are hurt and disenfranchised… looking into the eyes of the shunned and seeing their Creator looking back at them… and taking action with fellow Democrats and faithful.

Representative John Lewis (D-GA) says there comes times when you have to put some feet on your prayers. Stand up, Step out and Sit in, if need be. Act!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton often reminds those around her to bloom where you’re planted. Don’t sit idly, blinded by darkness, but rather turn on the light, subdue the dark places, see the injustices, fix them. Act!

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is quick to share St. Francis’ admonishment to preach all the time… but rarely with words. Act!

I like telling the story of people of faith in the Democratic Party. My actions are often sharing the stories of their actions… their strength and resolve, through their faith in God, to be servants, caring for and fighting for the American people.

This is part of the interview I gave. Its the segment about my time with Leader Pelosi and how, with her leadership, the House Democratic Faith Working Group was formed and became the central entity within the Democratic Party of our beginning, again, to share our stories, our testimonies about the actions of our members; people of faith living out their calling in the world:

PS: What a great Election Day. God bless all who stood up and stepped out… Let’s work hard over the next 4 years to make it a victory worthy of our belief in the value and power of every single American.


Burns Strider is former Senior Adviser and Director of Faith Outreach for Hillary Clinton, former Senior Adviser to Nancy Pelosi, former Policy Director for the House Democratic Caucus and former Director of the House Democratic Faith Working Group. Burns is founding partner of Eleison, LLC, as well as founder and President of the American Values Network. Strider, according to Religion News Service, is one of the 12 most influential Democrats in the nation on matters of faith and values. Follow Burns on Twitter: @BStrider


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    Where is the justice for the over 21,000 innocent unborn children killed each week mostly for reasons of convenience? Comparatively everything else seems empty.

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    Nancy Pelosi is a heroine!