Burns Strider Talks Faith, Politics, and Rural Voters

Burns Strider Talks Faith, Politics, and Rural Voters March 24, 2014

On Friday, March 21st, Burns Strider sat down with Salena Zito of Off Road Politics’ to talk faith, elections, and rural voters. Zito is a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review staff writer, a Trib editorial page columnist, and host of Off Road Politics on TribLIVE radio. When these two get together, it’s always a good time!

Strider began his career as an intern in the early 90’s for then-Congressman Mike Espy (D-MS) and then-Senator Al Gore (D-TN). Since then, he has held an array of leadership roles including: Director of Policy for the U. S. House Democratic Caucus, Senior Advisor to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Director of the U. S. House Democratic Faith Working Group and Rural Working Group, Regional Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Speechwriter to Mississippi Secretary of State Dick Molpus, and Chief of Staff to U. S. Congressman Ronnie Shows (D-MS). Currently, is a partner at Eleison, LLC, as well as the Executive Vice President of American Bridge 21st Century and Senior Advisor to Correct The Record.

His political experience, coupled with his Mississippi roots, gives Strider incredible insight into faith, politics, and rural America. See below for some interview snipits, or listen to the full interview here.

“Often times…,” Strider says, “…in the world of perception Americans can become.. disconnected from their government… sometimes it’s because there’s just a disconnect in conversation. Lots of times Democrats, when they go knock on that door… and the person comes to the door… we just start talking about policy… And that American, that voter, they’ll sit there and listen and nod and they’ll say thank you and close the door and go on about their business because there wasn’t a relational personal connection. If that candidate, if that person walking that neighborhood knocks on the door… (and) says ‘…We’re one in the same. We both believe in America and we want it to succeed.’ So you make that connection on who you are, well then that American, that voter’s going to invite you into their living room for some iced tea. And you sit down and you get to talking and then that’s when you can talk about how you want to lead. 2016, Salena, makes me think of past cycles and my work with Hillary Clinton, I can’t imagine why it would. Correct the Record has been created and set up to run rapid response and do research focused on the 2016 presidential election… “Correct the Record is a great project… ” says Strider.

You can follow Burns Strider on twitter at @bstrider.

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