Syrian Refugees Test Common Sense, Not Bigotry

Syrian Refugees Test Common Sense, Not Bigotry November 17, 2015

We are all bigots now, apparently. Why? Because we don’t welcome refugees from Syria into America with open arms when we know ISIS is using them as cover to infiltrate Western nations and kill us.

ISIS is creating a crisis — made worse by our own fecklessness — and then leveraging it to their advantage.

And we are being pressured to let them get away with it by our “compassionate” leaders who lack the courage to act in the face of evil.

It is easier to bully us than to bully Islamic jihadists (the only kind of jihadist, Mrs. Clinton). So that is what they do.

We must be made to care.


What Would You Do If…

In a recent Twitter conversation, one reader (whom I love dearly, by the way) suggested that she would never turn away anyone who showed up at her door in need of help.

I’ve heard a similar sentiment echoed by President Obama and others who try to play the “Christian card,” implying that the right thing to do is to always let people in without discrimination.

“That’s not who we are.”

Oh, really.

If 5,000 people showed up on your front lawn today and you knew at least one of them claimed to be trying to get into your house to kill you and your family, how many would you let in?

How many of your family members would you be willing to lose in order to prove just how kind you are?

Because that is the question before us.

It is not about being kind or unkind, bigoted or not bigoted. You do not have to be an ogre to limit access to those you love by those who hate and seek to destroy you.

We do not have to be hateful bigots to not permit everyone to enter our countries or homes. It is not bigoted, unloving, or to be genuinely concerned for the safety of your family and place their safety as a higher priority than other’s perception of your level of kindness.

Although we do not want religious tests, we cannot avoid the fact that those who seek to kill us are Muslims. They have not hijacked a peaceful religion for their own ends. They have self-identified as Muslim and cite the Quran and long-standing Islamic teaching as their impetus for murder.

The same compassionate bullies who insist ISIS not be believed when ISIS self-identifies as Muslim also insist we accept Bruce Jenner when he self-identifies as a woman. ISIS is Islamic and Bruce Jenner is a man.

Nevertheless, in spite of his rhetoric, President Obama agrees with me about Syrian refugees in America.

How do I know? He has not yet opened the doors of the White House to welcome Syrian refugees.

Why not? One word: safety.

The same leaders who once decried us for policing the world now shame us into housing the world — regardless of the risk.

Whether or not we admit Syrian refugees to the US or Europe when we know Islamic jihadists have used and are continuing to use them as cover is not a test of our kindness or benevolence.

It is a test of our common sense.

And, frankly, I don’t expect our current political leaders to pass.

UPDATE: In case you’ve forgotten the history of refugee jihadists in the US.

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