Super Bowl Halftime Show Preaches Gay Marriage Gospel

Super Bowl Halftime Show Preaches Gay Marriage Gospel February 9, 2016

Was it just me or did the Super Bowl 50 halftime show get commandeered to make us care?

When did it become an opportunity to advance a political agenda?

Wardrobe malfunctions are one thing but whatever happened to just enjoying a game of football and a few funny commercials?

18588196043_a39bdda211_bNot anymore. Instead, watching the Super Bowl has become an exercise in dodging subtle—and not so subtle—messages from the secular Left, particularly the LGBT community.

With Super Bowl 50 being played in San Francisco, it isn’t altogether surprising that there would be some rainbow flags waving.

In fact, when Chris Martin of Coldplay drew attention to one such banner-waver early in the halftime show, it was almost to be expected.

The end of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, however, was a complete in-your-face shout-out to the LGBT lifestyle, when everyone along one side of the stadium held up a colored card.

When viewed together, the cards created a rainbow background with the message commandeered by gay marriage proponents, “Believe in Love.”

Any Conscientious Objections?

That’s right. Everyone.

No matter if you believe such behavior to be sinful — as most people have throughout human history and as most religions overwhelming still do.

I’m betting that no announcement was made ahead of time letting folks know what message they would be sending by raising the cards. I know several people who were there who would have wanted no part in it.

I’m betting that afterwards there were some who weren’t too comfortable with what they’d just participated in.

Imagine for a moment that the message had been different.

What if the message had been simply, “Jesus Loves.” Can you imagine the outcry? Can you image how up-in-arms any non-Christians in the crowd that day would’ve been?


But the Super Bowl show was turned into a secular worship service and all were made to celebrate.

The Wildfire Burns

Maybe the icing on the crazy cake comes from the pro-death NARAL and their reaction to a silly – and entirely non-political – Doritos ™ commercial, the one where a pregnant mom having an ultrasound delivers her baby early when the baby hears Dad crunching a Doritos ™ chip and decides it wants one.

NARAL Pro-Choice America actually tweeted its opposition to the commercial and the nerve of the company using an “anti-choice tactic” and “humanizing fetuses.” That’s right – they were angry that someone would humanize a human!

The wildfire is spreading. 

When sporting events become venues for advancing progressive causes, we cannot shake our heads, shrug our shoulders, and shuffle on, hoping it all goes away.

We need to speak up and say maybe it’s time progress lost.

UPDATE:  There were many who interpreted the Super Bowl 50 halftime performance as a pro-LGBT nod, including those who claim that label for themselves.  

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