Under All the Fuss

Under All the Fuss December 17, 2018

Over the years, I talked so much

that, like a car speeding down a dirt

road, I couldn’t see anything but

what I stirred up with all my talk.


Thankfully, loss broke my axle

and forced me to stop. When

the dust settled, I could see.


Then love picked me up and

took me to the nearest town,

where I started a school for

seekers who talk too much.


In time, we taught each other

to listen like dragonflies who

touch the water without

making a ripple.


Now, to listen is to

breathe with my heart.


Now, I have so little to say

that strangers think I’m a

nobody, just when I’m

finally becoming



A Question to Walk With: Describe the difference between who you were ten years ago and who you are today.

This excerpt is from a new book in progress, Returning to Where I’ve Never Been.


*Photo credit: Teono123 No

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