In the Interim

In the Interim June 15, 2020

Come sit with me.
I know you’re busy.
I was busy too. Come.
This won’t take long.
There’s something I
want to show you. Look.
I found this spot of light
under all my wounds. I
thought it was mine,
something I’d earned.
But it was there long
before we were born.
Oh, don’t rush off.
I know you’re late
but all these appoint-
ments open like petals
to the same nectar.

And what if your heart
and my heart are fed by
the same lake? What
if your heart and my
heart are like a hundred-
year-old cello and that
spot of light I found is
trapped in its hollow,
waiting for each of us
to play our song—Oh,
I see you have to go. I
understand. Just put
your hand on my chest.
It’s alright. I want you
to feel that spot of light.
I’d give it to you, if I
could. Like a candle,
it flickers under
everything I know,
which is why I can’t
keep up. If I move too
fast, it might go out. 

A Question to Walk With: Describe the difference in the openness of your mind and heart when you are busy and when you have nowhere to go. Detail the conditions that enable you to stay open. How can you inhabit these conditions of openness when you are busy? 



This excerpt is from my book in progress, A Thirst for Simple Light.

*Photo Credit: Sergio Andre

Mark Nepo is offering a 3-session webinar called “The One Life We’re Given: Saying Yes to Life”. The sessions will be offered through Zoom: June, 8,15, 22, 2020, 1-2:30PM ET. Please visit for information and to register.

About the webinar, Mark says, “The gift and practice of being human centers on the effort to restore what matters when in trouble, so we can make good use of our heart. No one quite knows how to do this, but learn it we must. Our path to love and truth depend on this journey.”

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