Outstretch Your Arms

Outstretch Your Arms August 29, 2022

Along the way, people we love

fall from the tightrope and vanish

and we wonder, why not me?


Then, there is a pandemic and

thousands cough and die with

no warning.


Or simply getting older, the view

widens but the path narrows. As

if we’re dancing on the edge of

a cliff.


But it has always been this way.

We are only now aware of it.


This is what the ancients were

honoring when they painted

their faces and danced around

the fire.


As if pain is the bark and joy

is the sap.


What other dance is there?

A Question to Walk With: In conversation with a friend or loved one, discuss the dance of life and what it feels like for you. How has your awareness of this dance come into being? When is it empowering and when is it challenging?

This is from my book of poems in progress, A Thousand Dawns.

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