Street Magic

Street Magic July 3, 2023

On the way home, a magician  

stops you with his banter as he  

discovers a quarter behind your  

ear, and suddenly there’s a soft- 

ness in the back of your throat.  


And, as you admit to being soft,  

the magician pulls a gem from  

your sleeve that you didn’t know  

was there, and you start searching  

your pockets for what you need.  


A Question to Walk With: Discuss with a friend or loved one what magic means to you and how it shows itself.  


This excerpt is from my book of poems, Unadorned. 


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July 9, 16 & 23: You Don’t Have to Do It Along: The Net of Friendship. A 3-session virtual webinar guided by Mark Nepo 1-2:30pm ET/10-11:30am PT. Details at 

Aug 4-6: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, Surviving Storms: Finding the Strength to Meet Aversity, Weekend Retreat. (web link) 

Sept 8-10: Mercy by the Sea, Madison, CT, Falling Down and Getting Up: An Experiential Weekend and International Book Launch and Signing. (web link) 

Sept 15-17: The Sophia Institute, Charleston, SC, Falling Down and Getting Up — Discovering your Inner Resilience and Strength. (web link) 

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