Refinding the Oneness

Refinding the Oneness December 26, 2023

When humans forgot the Oneness that Binds them, Zeus became so discouraged that he abdicated his throne as the protector and father of all gods and humans. In his absence, Phoroneus, whose name means “bringer of a price,” became the first king of men. Ever since, there has been a price for everything. In 1886, shortly after Thomas Edison commercialized the electric light bulb, about 1000 birds died after colliding with illuminated towers in Decatur, Illinois. The price for constant light can be the death of birds. In the beginning, we had to barter. You made shoes. I planted corn. We gave each other something made with our hands. Now, all we touch is paper we call money and what’s lost is the feel of what we make with our hands. Now, we say “I love you” through the ether and the wires and never in person and the cost is the breath of intimacy. Now, we watch a video of someone cresting Mount Everest and think we’ve made the climb. Now, we blind the natural world with our mechanical light and the cost is the reflective pause that waits in the dark. Now, we put a blanket of noise over silence and wonder why we can’t hear. To put down the Price and refind the Oneness is the challenge of our age. We are so desperate to get away from the noise and mechanical light that we hang upside down in the dark like a bat. This is how we pray in the modern world.

A Question to Walk With: Describe a time when life made you too small. How did you find the Oneness you are a part of? What led you to be too small and what let you out of that state?

This is from my book of poems in progress, Suchness.

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