Duck Dynasty defenders now raising doubts about Noah

Duck Dynasty defenders now raising doubts about Noah February 17, 2014

The publicity team behind Noah sure has its work cut out for it. While the studio has been trying for months, if not years, to get Christian audiences excited about the film, it was recently reported that many attendees at the National Prayer Breakfast two weeks ago weren’t even aware that the film is coming out next month; and now Variety reports that Faith Driven Consumer, a website that campaigned on behalf of Duck Dynasty during that show’s recent troubles, is conducting an online survey which asks: “As a Faith Driven Consumer, are you satisfied with a Biblically themed movie – designed to appeal to you – which replaces the Bible’s core message with one created by Hollywood?” Lest there be any doubt about the motives behind this survey, the website specifies that this question is prompted by the so-called “Noah Movie Controversy”. So far, 98% of the survey’s respondents have answered in the negative, which could be construed as a vote against the film itself. No wonder studio chiefs are openly pinning all their hopes on the film’s box-office performance overseas.

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  • Perhaps they have good intentions, but the premise of the “Faith Driven Consumer” website is frankly ridiculous. Do we really expect a secular studio to create films that are 100% Biblically accurate? I’ve screened “Noah” and there are definitely weird moments that deviate from the Biblical story. But the truth is, I’m thrilled that when the movie comes out, millions of people will be talking about the Noah story. What a fantastic opportunity to share our faith! What an open door to share the REAL story! To nit-pick a movie like this to death, totally undermines it’s potential to make the Bible part of our national conversation once again…