Risen is the first of next year’s Jesus movies to get a poster

Risen is the first of next year’s Jesus movies to get a poster September 25, 2015


There are three movies about Jesus coming out in the first three months of next year. Two of them have trailers already. Now one of them has a poster.

The folks behind Risen — which stars Joseph Fiennes as a Roman soldier who goes looking for the missing body of Jesus — tweeted the following image today:

The poster overreaches just a tad when it says Risen, which opens January 22, is about “the manhunt that changed the course of human history.” The manhunt, of course, is utterly fictitious, and it was the Resurrection that changed everything.

Risen also has two trailers, which I posted a while ago here and here.

Last week we also saw the first trailer and featurette for The Young Messiah, which opens March 11. There is no poster yet for that film.

The one film opening early next year for which we have not yet seen any official images or videos is Timur Bekmambetov’s remake of Ben-Hur, which opens February 27. The producers have reportedly shown a bit of footage from that film at a faith-and-film event or two, but none of those images have been made public yet.

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