Risen composer Roque Baños discusses the film’s score

Risen composer Roque Baños discusses the film’s score April 15, 2016


The timing is a little odd — Risen is near the end of its two-month theatrical run, and it won’t be coming out on video for another month or so — but today Christianity Today posted an interview with the film’s composer Roque Baños.

Among other things, Baños discusses how his score blends the sounds of the period with “thriller” elements before evolving into something more “biblical”:

My main goal in this score was to develop the music while the main character changes. The music in each scene reinforces what he feels from every discovery he finds. The main character is evolving and changing, so the music goes with him until he finds what is supposed to be the truth. And then he is really in shock, and from there the music is no longer evolving. It’s like an opening—a whole new world to him. That’s where the music opens up and becomes more biblical, and that’s when we see the miracle happen in front of his eyes.

You can listen to the film’s soundtrack album via Spotify:

I am not aware of any other Risen-themed interviews with Baños, but if I find some I will add them to this post, similar to my interview round-ups with the film’s producers, distributor and actors Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton and Cliff Curtis.

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