Risen: the Tom Felton interview round-up

Risen: the Tom Felton interview round-up February 13, 2016


The current press tour for Risen has featured lots of interviews with the producers and Joseph Fiennes (who plays the Roman officer Clavius), as well as occasional appearances by co-stars Cliff Curtis (Jesus) and Maria Botto (Mary Magdalene). But we haven’t seen a whole lot of Harry Potter veteran Tom Felton, who plays the other Roman officer, the one who goes looking for the body of Jesus with Clavius.

Some older interviews do exist, though. Here are the ones I know about:

First up: a two-and-a-half-minute video released by the studio, of soundbites from the set. Sample quote: “When I first even started reading it, I was a pretty out-and-out atheist, and after sitting with Kevin [Reynolds, the director] for a while and reading it a few times, now I’m sort of an indecisive agnostic. So it’s definitely changed me.”

Next, some video interviews that were apparently recorded several months ago — you can tell because the Risen poster in the background says the film is coming out in January, and the film’s release date was moved to February four months ago.

Here’s an almost 5-minute interview with CatholicMom.com, in which Felton makes an interesting link between Risen and his Harry Potter co-star Alan Rickman:

And here are four short one-minute videos from his interview with CBN.com:

If I find any more interviews with Tom Felton re: Risen, I will add them to this post.

February 16 update: Felton is quoted in this new USA Today story:

“What’s nice about this one is it captivates the non-religious as much as it does the religious,” Felton says. “In fact, I’m not sure which side will be more compelled, because it really is a standalone, detective-adventure film. It just so happens that it has the backdrop of the most famous story ever told.”

He also appears in this CBN News report based on some of those older interviews:

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