Watch: Idris Elba on being the villain in Star Trek Beyond

Watch: Idris Elba on being the villain in Star Trek Beyond July 11, 2016


The film comes out in ten days and I still don’t have a very clear sense as to what Star Trek Beyond will be about — but one thing we do know is that the big “villain” of this film will be an alien who questions the Federation’s assumptions about itself. This aspect of the movie is teased in a new featurette that went online today.

Here is the featurette in question:

Incidentally, the film premiered in Australia last week, but no reviews have surfaced yet (at least not in any of the trades), and I’m hearing rumours that the film won’t be screened for critics before it comes out — which, like I say, is only ten days away.

Whatever the case, Paramount did post this video from the premiere’s red carpet:

Paramount has also posted a new TV spot for the film:

A couple of new Rihanna-themed videos have surfaced, too; I have added them to the post with her music video and the trailer that uses her song ‘Sledgehammer’.

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here:

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