Does Sony Animation’s The Star have a new release date?

Does Sony Animation’s The Star have a new release date? August 21, 2016


One year ago, Sony Pictures announced that they would be releasing The Lamb, an animated film about the first Christmas, on December 8, 2017. Then, two months ago, Sony announced that the film had a new titleThe Star — but the release date was still the same. Now, however, it looks like the release date has changed, too.

I recently snuck a peek at the Sony Pictures Animation website to see if there was any new information about The Star, and I noticed that the website now gives the film’s release date as November 10, 2017. That’s four weeks earlier than it was before.

There are currently no films scheduled for December 8 at all, so The Star could, in theory, have had that date to itself — but films released in early December tend not to do that well; witness what happened to The Nativity Story ten years ago. (Plus, a little film called Star Wars: Episode VIII is set to come out just one week later.)

Conversely, the first half of November might seem a bit early for a Christmas movie — seasonal hits like How the Grinch Stole Christmas have tended to come out just a few days before the American Thanksgiving — but Pixar is already releasing Coco on November 22. So, it makes sense for The Star to give itself some space.

The Star is currently sharing the November 10 release date with Red Sparrow — a spy thriller that reunites Jennifer Lawrence and director Francis Lawrence, who worked on the last three Hunger Games films together. The Star and Red Sparrow will come out one week after Thor: Ragnarok and one week before Justice League.

Here’s hoping The Star is good enough to sustain the audience’s interest from its release date to Christmas itself, which will be a month and a half later. Of course, all of these release dates could be subject to change… again, as the case may be.

— The image above comes from a poster shown at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

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