Spider-Man: No Way Home — the article’s up!

Spider-Man: No Way Home — the article’s up! January 16, 2022

Just realized I hadn’t linked to this yet.

Last week, at the kind invitation of Anthony Sacramone (whose writings I have linked to a few times over the past 15 years), I wrote a spoiler-heavy article on Spider-Man: No Way Home for the Acton Institute Powerblog, looking at what the film has to say about redemption and the sources of morality (for good guys and bad guys alike).

Here are the opening paragraphs:

In superhero movies, it’s a given that the good guys will try to save innocents from the bad guys. Sometimes they save individuals, sometimes they save cities, and all too often—especially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)—they save the entire planet or, increasingly, the entire universe. (Once you’ve raised the stakes so high and swatted them back down, every subsequent threat on that scale seems less threatening because more unreal.)

But what if the good guys tried to save the bad guys from themselves?

You can read the rest there.

For what it’s worth, I have never reviewed the two Spider-Man films that starred Andrew Garfield, but I did write about all three of the original films that starred Tobey Maguire.

You can read those articles here: Spider-Man | Spider-Man 2 | Spider-Man 3.

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