May 18, 2022

Trying to bend wily and volatile river spirits to your will is a terrible, terrible idea. But here's how I'd do it. Read more

May 12, 2022

I never again want to get myself into a situation where I'm second-guessing not swindling my friends. Read more

May 9, 2022

Often queer-coded and always extraordinary, Clown Witches are emancipated and exist to remind us that magic should be fun. Read more

May 5, 2022

If our anarchy isn't happy, and we're bent on taking anyone's freedom away, then we're simply not Discordian. Read more

May 3, 2022

I wasn't worried about my dad's acceptance, but I was concerned that he might not be ready for a real-time initiation into (quoth Ani DiFranco) leather bras and rubber shorts. Read more

April 30, 2022

As Eldridge Cleaver said, "You either have to be part of the solution, or you're going to be part of the problem." Read more

April 28, 2022

Storm Faerywolf can block me on social media, but he can't escape the pyroclastic cloud of an unbiased book review. I'm calling it a draw. Read more

April 25, 2022

People often assume that the stamp makes a document "official." But the reality is that the stamp is the physical manifestation of the notary's will and word. Read more

April 21, 2022

My niece loves chatting with her grandmother. The fact that her grandmother died three years ago has not put a damper on their relationship. Read more

April 17, 2022

Even those of us who spend our days immersed in the occult tend to freak out when backhanded by synchronicities. But not my Minoan brother Reynard. Read more

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