And Here’s Donald Trump Referencing Part of the Bible That Doesn’t Exist:

And Here’s Donald Trump Referencing Part of the Bible That Doesn’t Exist: September 17, 2015

Trump Quoting Bible

For those who have been following, Donald Trump has said several times that the Bible is his favorite book of all time. He’s gone on to call scripture, “the most special thing.”

Recently he was asked what his favorite Bible verse was, and he, well… he couldn’t answer the question. When pressed for more, he just said that it was all “very private” for him and that he was a 50/50 OT vs NT guy.

It was awkward if you saw the interview.

In a followup interview, this time with CBN, he finally tried to demonstrate his biblical literacy by referencing the Bible, and it’s one of those moments that will make you turn your head sideways:

Did you catch that? The chapter in Proverbs called, “Bending to Envy”?

Small problem, Donald… there’s no chapter in the book of Proverbs on “bending to envy.” Chapters in the Bible aren’t even officially titled or organized topically.

Some publishers throw in headings to make some parts easier to navigate, but still.

“Proverbs, the chapter ‘Bending to Envy?'”

There’s not even a verse that uses that term, let alone an entire chapter on it– even if the Bible did function topically by chapter, which it doesn’t.

I don’t know… maybe he should get the benefit of the doubt, but for someone who talks a big talk about how awesome the Bible is, I’m surprised he’d describe chapters this way. It seems that even a moderate Bible reader would quote something by the verse or chapter number, instead of saying something so odd as “the chapter, Bending to Envy.”

Now, I can see someone who has never read the Bible before picking one up, seeing a heading from a publisher, and mistakenly thinking the Bible has chapter titles. Which means, in my guess, Donald Trump is either making crap up (plausible), or he just grabbed a Bible, and took note of a heading so he could reference it to appear to be a biblically literate Christian. Either way, a sloppy answer like this should cast serious doubts on his claim that he thinks the Bible is the best thing ever written– I honestly don’t think he’s even read it. Surely, he hasn’t gotten to the part where Jesus said it was next to impossible for rich people to get into the Kingdom.

What say you? Do you think this was a simple slip-up, or do you think he’s literally making stuff up to get Christians to vote for him?

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