Dear Conservatives: Since When Did You Start Loving Executive Orders?

Dear Conservatives: Since When Did You Start Loving Executive Orders? February 7, 2017
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Youtube, President Trump signs executive order

Dear Conservatives,

You know, I’ve been watching– and here’s a funny thing: my memory isn’t too shabby.

I watched you in my newsfeed for eight long years. I listened to you on the news, and on radio talk shows. I read the articles you wrote.

A lot of us did.

And here’s the thing: You *hated* it when President Obama signed executive orders.

While it is well in the right of a president to sign executive orders, when Obama did it you were outraged.

You said it was “unprecedented” and “unconstitutional.”

When I and others pointed out to you that this is well within the right of a president, pending checks and balances for constitutionality, you still objected. Instead, you argued that even if it’s within the right of a president, legal policies are best set by the legislative branch of government. You explained to me that we have a “standard process” for setting US government policies and that executive orders have a way of bypassing the will of the people, in favor of the will of one person.

We had this conversation sooooo many times that I know your explanation, cold.

So here’s my question, conservatives: since when did you start *loving* executive orders?

I mean, let’s be honest. Since the moment Donal Trump sat down in the oval office he’s been signing one after another at a pace I certainly can’t remember in my lifetime. With each one he signs you jump up and down, cheering in agreement for the new direction of the country. Even when his ban on refugees was temporarily overturned as unconstitutional, you said nothing– it’s as if you, the self-appointed Keepers of the Constitution, no longer care if something is good, right, or legal.

I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything, but I’ve got to say: I spy with my little eye a giant group of hypocrites. 

Let’s be honest: You didn’t *really* believe all those things you told me about executive orders. You didn’t believe they were unconstitutional. You didn’t believe they were wrong because they bypassed the legislative branch and the will of the people. You didn’t believe we have a standard process that functions better for setting laws and policies.

You didn’t believe ANY of it, because if you did, you’d be crying foul now.

Instead of actually being opposed to executive orders, let’s be a little more honest: You’re only opposed to them when you don’t like the person signing them.

When it’s your guy?

Mmmmmm…. they magically taste delicious.


I’m all for charitable disagreements and finding common ground, but it’s hard to respect that degree of blatant, unapologetic hypocrisy.


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