Glenn Beck: “God told me to sit down, shut up, and zip your mouth”

Glenn Beck: “God told me to sit down, shut up, and zip your mouth” February 14, 2014

Glenn Beck and I haven’t been friends in a really, really long time. Well, we were never really friends to begin with, but when he suggested that people need to leave their churches and report their pastor if the church used the term “social justice” or “economic justice” on the church website, I decided that we’d probably always be on opposite sides of… well, everything.

When Beck was still on Fox, his program was extremely damaging to the cause of Jesus followers as it incited selfishness, hatred, and all sorts of other nasty stuff that have no place in the Jesus movement. Yet, so many Christians flocked to him.

Now, Beck says that God is speaking to him– and I can’t help but agree with much of what God apparently said. On a recent program, Beck claims that God has told him to “sit down, shut up and zip your mouth”.

Sounds about right.

He goes onto say, however, that shutting up is for the purposes of doing something bigger and better, but maybe Beck just misheard him?

A guy can dream.

Just a friendly reminder to my Christian friends: please don’t get your theology from Glen Beck, because even God is telling him to sit down and zip it.

See the original here (skip the first 40 seconds or so):


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