Hands Down The Worst Bible Version Ever

Hands Down The Worst Bible Version Ever April 6, 2015

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Someone asked me the other day which version of the Bible I thought was the best. While I don’t have an English favorite (English can be limiting and there’s a lot of judgement calls that go into translation), I do have a new version of the Bible that I’d be happy to call the worse version ever.

I used to think this title should go to the Patriot’s Bible– as if anything could be more blasphemous than making God into a violent American “patriot.” But it was shortly after that blasphemous Bible came out that we got the Duck Dynasty Bible, which seemed to be a co-opting of the Bible for “branding” and financial purposes.

However, today I have discovered the worst Bible ever, and it’s infinitely worse than both the Patriot’s Bible and the Duck Dynasty Bible combined.

The worst Bible ever?

Get ready for it: the Kanye West Bible. I’m not even kidding.

But wait- it’s worse than it even sounds. Often, these “Bibles” are just the actual Bible combined with some study notes from an author, which is probably fair game. The Kanye West Bible however, is an actual remake of the Bible where some genius from Etsy deletes the word “God” and inserts the word “Kanye” in its place. It’s being called, The Book of Yeezus: A Bible For The Modern Day.

Yes, this Bible reads: “In the beginning Kanye created the heavens and the earth.”

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Absolutely horrible idea no matter whose name you put in God’s place… but Kanye West? Good grief!

Here’s a news story on it from CBS Lost Angeles:

* This book has since been taken off Etsy

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