The Biblical Alternative to Hell (That God Show EP17)

The Biblical Alternative to Hell (That God Show EP17) January 28, 2015

ID-100285344Most of us grow up being taught that all those who die without accepting Christ will burn for all eternity in hell. While in this hell, they’ll be consciously tortured, day and night– forever.

But is this even biblical?

If you read your Bible without having any prior knowledge of this “hell” would you walk away believing in it as a result?

Probably not- because it’s not biblical. It wasn’t biblical in the time of Jesus (hell wasn’t in his Bible) and it’s not in ours, either.

In this week’s episode of That God Show, Benjamin sits down with Kurt Willems to talk all things related to the doctrine of “conditionalism” which is the biblical alternative to what your Sunday School teachers taught you about hell. Find out exactly what the Bible teaches, and explore what our relationships with others would look like if we did not have the underlying issue of hell on our mind.

Catch the entire episode of That God Show, right here!

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