Books for Children – The Bible Meets Dr. Seuss

Books for Children – The Bible Meets Dr. Seuss March 6, 2018

This is a note from Christian author, Brett Blair, concerning his book launch for children:

Easter is almost here and many of you will be creating your own Easter baskets and each year it gets a little harder to come up with gifts for those baskets. Well, here is the perfect gift: The Creator’s Toy Chest series of books.

The Creator’s Toy Chest

An Ark in the Dark

Big Shot Sling Shot

Dan for Dinner

Today is launch day and just in time for Easter! The four books can be purchased at B&N, Amazon, and CBD. The links are provided below. Story telling in rhyme, art work as good as anything out today, and quality hard back printing will make these books, like Dr. Seuss books, perennial favorites for your family.

Launch Day is Here! Order today:

B&N –

Amazon –


Thank You and Happy Easter!

Brett Blair, Author

The Creator’s Toy Chest

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