Discovering Luke

Discovering Luke October 20, 2021

Discovering Luke by Joel B. Green has just released.

Instead of a verse-by-verse exposition of every verse, this volume does something different.

Green looks at how the Gospel of Luke was interpreted through the ages.

From the Middle Ages, to the Reformation, to the present.

He then discusses how Luke’s book maps to geography, spatial metaphors, and the world in which he lived.

Green dissects the anatomy of Luke’s narrative and pays special attention to Mary’s Song in Luke 1.

This isn’t a popular work, but a book written from and to scholars.

But any intelligent reader will find it interesting.

If you plan to teach on Luke, this volume could help shed some academic light on the book.

Here’s the description from the publisher.

“This interpretation of Luke encourages in-depth study of the text and genuine grappling with the theological and sociohistorical questions it raises. It draws on a range of methodological interests (author-, text-, and reader-centered) as complementary rather than mutually exclusive ways of understanding the text. It also recognizes the importance of the reception history of biblical texts, increasingly viewed as a vital aspect of interpretation rather than an optional extra.

Throughout Discovering Luke, Joel Green gives readers strategies for reading the Gospel of Luke and guides them through Luke’s world in its historical, ideological, political, and economic contexts. Green reviews key issues raised by the Gospel and connects these issues to questions of how Luke should be interpreted today.”

"Wonderful book. Ken Bailey is one of my favourite Biblical scholars."

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