The Results of Our Blog Reader Survey Are In!

The Results of Our Blog Reader Survey Are In! December 3, 2017

Today’s results come from all the readers of this blog.

Here are the results along with my personal reactions.


* The majority readership of this blog is quite young.

They are between the ages of 21 and 49.

We also have people in their 50s and up and some who are younger than 21.

* Most live in the USA.

* Most are male, but many are female.

* Most are married, but many are single. Some are separated.

* A good number are pastors of churches who are looking for fresh material with a deeper message.


My most popular books are (in order):

  1. God’s Favorite Place on Earth
  2. From Eternity to Here
  3. Jesus Manifesto
  4. Revise Us Again
  5. Jesus Now
  6. The Day I Met Jesus

For those interested, you can get the above 6 titles on discount here along with reading reviews, etc.


Out of the news networks listed, here’s what you said were the most trustworthy:

Fox News & CNN (almost tied) then MSNBC.


Most are subscribed to my podcast.

Here’s how to listen to audios without losing a minute of your time. It’s what I do myself and I don’t have time either, yet I listen to audios all the time.

  1. Listen while taking a walk.
  2. Listen while going on a drive.
  3. Listen while jogging.
  4. Listen while doing chores.


The top 5 greatest struggles listed — all of which were repeated numerous times on the survey — were:

  1. Finding other Christians who want to live by Christ and discuss the deeper things of God.
  2. Motivation and inspiration to keep growing in Christ.
  3. Keeping my passion for Jesus alive.
  4. Loneliness and isolation stemming from a lack of fellowship and true friendship with other believers of like mind.
  5. Keeping my personal walk with God fresh.

Some of you expressed interest in one of the following:

* How to write a book.

* How to promote your book in effective ways.

* How to start a blog.

* How to get traffic to your existing blog.

If you are interested in any of the above, reply to this email and my assistant will tell you about the Buzz Seminar Master Course which I was privileged to participate in.

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