A Plea to Moms & Dads: Welcome Your Gay Child Home for the Holidays

A Plea to Moms & Dads: Welcome Your Gay Child Home for the Holidays December 15, 2014


“Whenever I find myself too all alone, I can make believe I’ve never gone, I never know where I belong, Sing me home. Please, celebrate me home.” – Kenny Loggins

This is Rob, Susan’s husband, and I am writing to Dads and Moms, hoping to speak to the deepest places of  your hearts, from the deepest place of mine.

Maybe this is silly, maybe I am naive, but it is something I have to say:

Please, please celebrate your LGBTQ child home for the holidays.

Welcome them home. Put aside your differences, your disagreements, your arguments – even put aside any hurt you may feel – just for the day.

They need you. And you need them. A lot. Despite anything that may have happened. Despite anything that may have been said.

You’re family.

And maybe, just maybe this one day can give all of you the hope that true, genuine reconciliation is possible.

And Moms and Dads, if you are a follower of Jesus, let me ask you a question… What do we celebrate at Christmas?

We celebrate that Jesus Christ put aside any and all offense between God and us, and came to be with us and show us unconditional love.

Will you do that for your gay child?

Will you welcome them, will you be with them, will you set aside your differences and any offenses you may feel to show your child unconditional love?

(I am talking to Moms and Dads – but this is also true for other family members… sisters, brothers, grandparents, even children.)

Just start with a day – one day – one special day – can you put everything else aside except for love and grace?

Can you welcome your child, and their partner if they have one, into your home? Can you not make any comments, not deepen any wounds, not pass any judgement, not withhold any affection?

For their sake, for yours and for the sake of what we claim to celebrate during this holiday season.

Your child may not be willing to take the risk of deepening old wounds, or opening new ones. They may be deeply hurt. Moms and Dads, if this is the case – the weight, the responsibility is on you! You may have to reach out in love, and make promises for the day, and then keep those promises.

Celebrate God’s love for you. Celebrate your love for your precious child.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Celebrate your child home for the holidays.


– Rob

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