Who’s the Best President for Black Americans? It’s Not Who You Think

Who’s the Best President for Black Americans? It’s Not Who You Think July 12, 2012

You have to admire the man’s guts.  Yesterday, Gov. Romney addressed the NAACP, a crowd not prone to admire his political stances.  Obama won 96% of the black vote the last time around, and there’s no reason to assume that Gov. Romney will make any inroads into this very important demographic.  The Washington Post reports:

Unflinching before a skeptical NAACP crowd, Mitt Romney declared Wednesday he’d do more for African-Americans than Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president. He drew jeers when he lambasted the Democrat’s policies.

“If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him,” Romney told the group’s annual convention. Pausing as some in the crowd heckled, he added, “You take a look!”

“For real?” yelled someone in the crowd.

Why did he decide to speak to such a politically hostile group?  Well, because when he’s elected President, he will represent the whole country.  And even though the NAACP is a left leaning political group and doesn’t really reflect the needs and concerns of most black Americans, it was an important outreach to a population deeply hurt by Obama’s economic policies.

Here is the speech as written for delivery.

By now, you’ve probably heard he was booed when he mentioned that he wanted to repeal Obamacare, which seemed to be the main takeaway of the event.  However, Mona Charen asks an interesting question on National Review:

Naturally, most of the coverage about Romney’s speech to the NAACP focused on the boos. It reflected badly on Romney, we are meant to understand. Question: Is there any doubt that if a liberal Democrat addressed a gathering of conservatives (I know, impossible to imagine, but stay with me), and was booed for his trouble, that the press narrative would be how badly this reflected on the audience?


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