Obama… Oy Vey! Only Romney Stands with Israel

Obama… Oy Vey! Only Romney Stands with Israel September 12, 2012

On the heels of the DNC debacle where Democratic delegates “booed” God and Jerusalem, I (an Evangelical for Mitt)  — along with my colleague Orit Sklar (possibly the first “Jew for Mitt”) — traveled to sunny south Florida to remind Jewish voters that Mitt Romney stands with Israel while sadly, President Obama does not.  We participated in several rallies and demonstrations this week around Boca Raton, including a big bracketing effort in Palm Beach on Sunday designed to “welcome” President Obama to the area where he was trying to stop the erosion of support for him in the Jewish community (this news piece includes a great video of Romney supporters rallying outside the Obama campaign event).

We were also involved with the Republican Jewish Coalition, who successfully launched the largest, most comprehensive, and most sophisticated two-day grassroots outreach effort EVER in the Jewish community… RJC members took to the streets and phones to get the message out about Obama’s record, distributing over 75,000 pieces of educational literature at the homes of Jewish voters and making over 50,000 phone calls in the three battleground states (Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania).

These efforts are making a difference.  A recent poll by Investors Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor/TIPP shows Obama getting the fewest Jewish votes for any Democratic Presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter.  Jonathan Tobin explains, “Since it is unreasonable to assume that Jews are any more riled up about the economy than any other faith or demographic group, the only possible explanation for this stunning result is dissatisfaction with Obama on Israel.”

The contrast between President Obama and Gov. Romney when it comes to Israel has never been more clear.  We need a leader who recognizes Israel as our cherished ally in the Middle East, and as President, Mitt Romney will restore our relationship with Israel.  We must continue to advance Gov. Romney’s pro-Israel message — especially in the Jewish community — so that more and more of our friends will understand what is at stake in this election!

Here are a few snapshots from our south Florida adventure, which included everything from listening to John Bolton’s address at Boca Raton Synagogue to bracketing President Obama in Palm Beach!

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