The Most Epic NPR Interview Ever — Terry Gross Versus Gene Simmons

The Most Epic NPR Interview Ever — Terry Gross Versus Gene Simmons June 24, 2014

Last year, the kids and I began listening to NPR’s Fresh Air, with Terry Gross every day on the way to school.

Once, she made an oblique reference to an old Gene Simmons interview that went bad.  Really bad.

Of course, we had to listen to that.  We found an old recording and were genuinely surprised and shocked by his weirdness.  It’s an example of how an interview can go south literally within the first minute.  It gets worse and worse.  She ended it early.

Anyway, it’s my moral obligation to share this with you — for all of you who have ever wanted something really odd to happen on NPR’s otherwise smooth programming.

Pop some popcorn and enjoy this…  if you can:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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