San Francisco gays want heterosexuals out of their neighborhoods, can’t stand seeing “butch men”

San Francisco gays want heterosexuals out of their neighborhoods, can’t stand seeing “butch men” February 4, 2016

Well, it’s come to this.

San Francisco has long been known as “the gay capital of America.”  But now, so many tech companies have moved into the area that residents are concerned by how many heterosexuals are moving in.

No joke. According to Breitbart:

Cleve Jones, a gay activist, saw something that “shocked him” in his local gay bar. “The tech bros had taken over The Mix. They commanded the pool table and the patio. These big, loud, butch guys. It was scary,” he said.

“I’m not heterophobic, but I don’t want to go to a gay bar and buy some guy a drink and have him smirk and tell me he’s straight,” he said.

(Side note: isn’t “butch” a default setting for men?)

Anyway, no matter what Jones says, it seems heterophobism is now a thing:

Charlie Ballard, a drag queen comedian, complained about the fact that he has to “deal with pseudo-hipster techy types.” Amy Sueyoshi, the associate dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University, claims she feels “less safe” because of the increase in heterosexual people in her neighborhood.

Sueyoshi went so far to say: “I do like to go to places in and around the Castro for Happy Hour or a snack and I’ve noticed more straight people making out at these places where I go deliberately to NOT feel like I am oppressed by heterosexuality. Really, straight people do you HAVE to make out in the Castro as well? Good Lord.”

As with all brands of political correctness, it never cuts both ways.  Imagine if someone had just said the above about gay people. You’d have to pass the smelling salts.

But telling people to “stay in their area” becaese of their sexuality?  Well, since the intolerance is coming from gays, it’s just another moment in the “age of tolerance.”

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