Three Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Vote for Trump

Three Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Vote for Trump March 2, 2016

My husband David and I have been pretty politically involved for many years.  If you know us personally, you have suffered through eight years of fervent Romney advocacy in which we discussed ad infinitum his various strengths.  It’s been a liberating to be a free agent during this Presidential election.  I told myself that I didn’t care as much, that I didn’t have to get involved. Not after eight years of futility.  However, this race demands people take action.   2016 is not a time for fence sitting, no matter how fatigued by politics I may be.

David, as you know, writes for National Review. For the past few weeks, he’s been on a mission — to stop Trump’s momentum.  This has caused us to be targeted by vile anti-Trump supporters (who point out our daughter’s race — she’s from Africa — and who insult us personally).  Though most Trump supporters are good, hard working folks who are simply sick of the overreaching government, these online supporters have a tone of racism that I can’t ignore.  However, I won’t let them silence me.  David used to believe he’d support the eventual GOP nominee no matter who was chosen.  Today, he wrote that he was wrong.  He will not support Trump, no matter what.

“I hadn’t yet seen — or had been unwilling to believe — the full extent of his contempt for the truth, his fondness for far-left conspiracy theories, and his sheer malice,” he wrote.  “When I saw Trump in full, my decision was easy: Never Trump.”

The whole article is worth reading.  However, here are the three reasons why David and I can’t support this candidate.

  1.  Because of his position on life:

I have spent my entire adult life advocating against abortion and working to protect the unborn. I didn’t endure the taunts and jeers of my law-school classmates, work countless days and nights away from home to protect the free-speech rights of pro-life protestors, and defend the freedoms of the unsung heroes in crisis-pregnancy centers only to vote for a man who’s a walking Planned Parenthood commercial. Last night, even in his alleged “uniter” mode, Trump went out of his way to once again praise the nation’s largest abortionist — the killer of millions of children — and call his critics “so-called conservatives.

2.  Because of his position on ISIS:

I didn’t leave my home and risk my life in the fight against the world’s worst jihadists to vote for a man who apparently believes that I was little more than the stooge of a vast conspiracy to lie our way into war. Moreover, I cannot abide the notion of voting for a man whose “war strategy” is a child-killing war crime and who said out loud that more bombs plus two months of Exxon will defeat ISIS. Too many people act as if we’re electing a symbolic middle finger rather than a commander-in-chief. I defy you to find a single shred of evidence that Trump has given the slightest thought to America’s military and strategic challenges beyond his obviously ad-libbed bravado.

3.  Because the way he flaunts his non-traditional morality:

The true battle for our country isn’t political, it’s cultural and spiritual. In an era where fidelity and integrity are in increasingly short supply — with the breakdown of faith and family the chief factors in the struggles among America’s most vulnerable citizens — how can I responsibly cast a vote to give one of the nation’s foremost cultural platforms to a man who has openly, loudly, and unrepentantly bragged of his adulterous sexual conquests? How can I support a man who demonstrates such a breathtaking level of malice and cruelty in his treatment of his fellow citizens? Our nation can survive lost elections, but over the long term it cannot survive a decayed culture. And by God I won’t vote for a man who takes a wrecking ball to the core values I hold dear.

I know many of my dear friends love and support Trump, so this political divide has caused me much personal pain.  However, now is not the time for fence-sitting.

Plus, there’s still hope.  David writes,

Although Trump has won the majority of the states so far, the delegate race is remarkably close — the New York Times has the spread at Trump 241, Cruz 222, and Rubio 110. Why? Because — as my colleague Jim Geraghty has noted — it’s tough to claim a mandate while winning only a combined 34.2 percent of votes cast. With this reality, the worst thing that Trump’s opponents can do now is signal that the stakes are low, that this is a normal race, and that we’ll all get along just fine when this thing is over. No, the best hope for stopping Trump is to let his supporters know that he can’t possibly unite conservatives and then blanket the airwaves, the Internet, and social media with the truth. He’ll blast the Republican party apart not because he’s taking on lobbyists and politicians (indeed, many in the political class are rallying around him now) but because he’s taking on the people who’ve been working in the trenches — against an overwhelmingly hostile culture — to defend life and liberty, to uphold the values Trump scorns.

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