ESPN fired conservative Curt Schilling, but hires female LGBT activist

ESPN fired conservative Curt Schilling, but hires female LGBT activist May 9, 2016

ESPN is certainly showing its leftist agenda these days.

Last month, the sports network fired baseball all-star Curt Schilling for saying “a man is a man no matter what” as commentary on the whole transgender bathroom ordeal. But now, ESPN has hired a new sports star in Abby Wambach.

Wambach is a former U.S. Women’s soccer gold medalist and an avid Hillary Clinton supporter. She also happens to be an LGBT activist. Perhaps ESPN believes no one is paying attention to what’s going on over there, but when you’ve just fired someone because you think he spoke against transgender people and then immediately hire someone who advocates on their behalf, the bias is pretty obvious.

The Daily Wire‘s Amanda Prestigiacomo dug up a little interesting history on the cable network’s new hire:

Ms. Wambach, 35, was just busted for a DUI back in April; she subsequently admitted to previously using cocaine and marijuana. But at least she isn’t conservative.

Bingo! Being a conservative is fatal at ESPN, but liberals and substance abusers are welcomed with open arms and encouraged to apply.

Bristol Palin gave a nice run down of several times ESPN turned the other cheek when its employees made crass comments about her mother or compared the tea party to ISIS. None of those guys — liberal guys, mind you — got the axe. Not even a bit of discipline.

The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

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