Video game creator compares innocent prom photo with… the KKK?

Video game creator compares innocent prom photo with… the KKK? May 10, 2016


What should’ve been a private high school memory was turned into an ugly public commentary thanks to a Twitter rant from someone who couldn’t resist ridiculing how a group of teenagers posed for their prom picture.

If you take a look at the photo above — five beautiful young ladies revealing the secret superhero identities of their dapper dates — you would never in a million years come to the same conclusion as did video game creator David Jaffe who somehow came across the image and felt the need to inject his social commentary. I’ll let him speak for himself:

Almost the entire Twitterverse responded with a collective, “Really?! Sexist?” Even a top gamer site chimed in calling Jaffe’s remarks “one hell of a tantrum over a prom picture.”

But it didn’t stop there. Jaffe took it a step further — one large, irresponsible step further — when responding to a Twitter user who dare suggested that maybe, just maybe, “the girls were into it, maybe they enjoyed it. How would we know?” Jaffe said:

And there you have it, out of left field: the unnecessary Ku Klux Klan comparison. Some found his lack of logic disturbing, writing “Prom=lynching” on Twitter. Got it! Nothing delegitimizes actual victims of racism faster than flippantly throwing the charge around with no forethought to its seriousness. Girls and boys who purposely posed for a picture they were willing to take part in is never the same as a black man hunted by the KKK and hung from a tree in the town square.

Jaffe’s twisted little mind was even more exposed after he said he’d be all for the high schoolers engaging in consensual sex — just not posing for a picture with their clothes on, apparently. And he had the nerve to complain that people were being “mean spirited” to him on his Twitter feed and spewing “bile” and “hatred” his way. He’s one of those “can dish it out, but can’t take it” kind of guys.

You want to know what other kind of guy Jaffe is? A hypocritical one where sexism is concerned. One of Jaffe’s most popular game series is “God of War.” And just what did this “defender” of sexism program into his game? Two topless goddesses that invite the main character into a bath for a three-way.

So, don’t worry ladies, Jaffe has our back!

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