Reinventing the Wheel – A Hope for Church Escapees Working Together

Reinventing the Wheel – A Hope for Church Escapees Working Together June 14, 2020

Reinventing the Wheel

We keep reinventing the wheel. Some brilliant idea strikes us and we launch out to the local hardware, buy a hammer and chisel and start


carving out this wheel. The whole while we are excited about the end result. We are filled with dreams of the future. How awesome it is, we think to ourselves, to finally be building and working toward an inevitable goal.

Reinventing Costs Tools, a Whole Lot of Tools!

There were times in my life that I struggled in the tool department. I didn’t have all the tools I needed and when a project came up, it was an excuse, an opportunity to buy the newest and latest gadget. I knew that if I didn’t have the particular tool I was drooling over, the job would be far more difficult. In the past I had trudged through, sweating, crying and cursing as I tried to get something done. Tools make life better.

In this singular world with all our singular fascinations, it seems so easy to just go buy a tool that will help someone get a job done all by themselves.(cartoon handyman)  Who needs anyone in this world when they have tools? That’s what I thought, that’s what a lot of people think.

Reinventing, and Building Your Own Thing, Because That’s What We’re Supposed To Do, Right?

I built ministries, and I know the drill. The first thing you do is get a good vision and a good name. You buy a domain, a web page or use some freebie and then you make it look all pretty. You hang a shingle and you begin to tell others about your vision and how wonderful it “will be”. It’s your job to convince them and get them motivated to work for you, although it’s working together to build your vision. That’s the way it goes. Those people become your tools and you use them to build something wonderful. (workers)

Reinventing Leaves You Tired

I’m tired. I’m tired of reinventing the wheel. What’s more, I’m tired of three billion blogs and thirty-seven million podcasts and all the “ministries” with their own little works. Oh, they serve a purpose and they do good things, I’m not knocking that. I believe in going about doing good. As a matter of fact, this whole deal could keep turning and I would be okay with that. I would just like more.

This video talks about finding a tribe.   It’s what I’m longing for. I feel like we could do so much more. Even seeing Black Lives Matter rise and accomplish so much as the voice of the people is inspiring. I wish we could do that as believers.

All We Like HoneyBees Have Gone Astray as Reinventers?

The way I see it, we are like a hive of honeybees, millions of us working together. One day something terrible happens and our homing beacons go all wonky and no one returns to the nest. Instead of reaching out to find one another, all of us collectively, and separate begin re-inventing the wheel. All of us begin building our own nests, and we know something is missing, but we just can’t figure out what. It’s not so bad really, but we could do more. Couldn’t we?

Connecting, not Reinventing

What if we all connected and gave to one another? What if we all shared with each other and built each other up? Is there a world where we all work together in unity and love? Does it actually exist? What if we connected with those in our nearest little circles, abolished all our individual ministry and organization names, and just built our own beautiful tribe? Is this even possible or am I dreaming?

A Better World without Reinventing

I think it would be a better world if that happened, if we built tribes of connectivity outside of religion, and that those tribes would become thriving, cooperative communities. I would like to see that in my life time. Would you?

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