God Made Me Gay

God Made Me Gay June 5, 2019

God made me GayGod Made Me Gay

Whenever I say, “God made me gay” it is a provocation of those who hold prejudice toward my “kind”. I have said it on Facebook and an explosion of judgmental criticism erupted. It offends those whose religion has taught them that who I am and consequently what I do is a “sin”. Ignorance is often the root cause of their revulsion. I am saddened by this, but their “choice” to believe belongs to them and I honor that. I will not interfere with their choice.


They tell me that I chose to be gay. Does that mean that ever woman grows up liking girls too? Do women have sexual thoughts about girls, and they “choose” to be with men? Do all men actually pine away to make love to men, and they “choose” to be with women? If I chose to be gay, then perhaps that is something that everyone does and I didn’t know about it? Should that be a comfort to me somehow? I am not sure.

Tom Boy

I was a tom boy growing up and I don’t recall lusting after women. There were secrets that were shared with my girlfriends that made me feel so much closer to them. I remember feeling far more friendly toward boys than attracted. I recall seeing Jodi Foster and Joe on, “The Facts of Life” on my television and being enamored of them. Strong female roles inspired me deeply. Men were a curiosity for me and I honestly didn’t mind them so much.

It’s The Sex

Many people that object to homosexuality do so because the thought of two women or two men having sexual relations is appalling to them. It should be appalling to you if you are a heterosexual. I have heard some gays express the same revulsion when they even ponder the thought of heterosexual sex. I remember seeing black and white commercials that aired long ago that said that all male homosexuals were perverts that people would have to hide their children from.

More Than SexGod made me gay

The relationship that one has with another is so much more than a sexual union. Intimacy is important in a relationship but two individuals that simply have lust and sin in common does not last. Just like a heterosexual relationship, the intimacy part in a gay relationship changes as we age. My wife and I spend much more time enjoying one another’s company than pining after each other sexually.

Prevailing Attitudes

This is what happens with prejudice and tradition. It is passed on in ignorance and perpetuated by fear and superstition. The Nazi’s pointed out that Jews had “big noses”, and that they “delighted in stealing German money”. The Jews were good stewards and businessmen. When prejudice rises, it groups people and stereotypes them. It’s a way to dehumanize people. If you do not think of someone as a person, it’s easy to dismiss them.

God Made Me GayThe Best Life

I never asked to be gay, never chose it either, yet God chose me. God loved me and called out to me when I was a young child. I was raised heterosexual and attempted two marriages. My wife and best friend has been with me for twenty years now. I can tell you that God made me gay. I have a relationship with my wife that is eons greater than anything I ever had with a man and I tried, I really tried. Thank God he delivered me to be myself. I have never been happier.

Escaping Religion

There is evidence that the early Christians believed that God created people who were gay. Part of my deconstructing from religion was the tearing down of walls that said, “homosexuals who have sex is bad”. Yah, they told me I could be gay as long as I didn’t have sex. How laughable! Forgot that part about, “As a man thinks in his heart”. What they were really saying is that as long as they didn’t have to think about homosexual sex, I would be societally accepted. When I escaped all the tradition, religion and prejudice, I found a God who made me gay and loves me for who I am.

Our Secret Romance

My wife and I love being together. We sit in our recliners in the evening and watch television. Sometimes, we lay on the bed in the evening just to hold one another and talk. She is my companion and the greatest love of my life. We dance together and sing our special songs. We laugh and joke with one another. She is my best friend. Those closest to us are envious of our great love. My hope is that one day, we won’t have to think about being gay in our society. One day, may even come in our lifetime. If it doesn’t, we at least have the pleasure of our own tender love in the privacy of our world.

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  • Interesting.

  • Well Bob, I am glad you stopped by and thank you for commenting.

  • Rudy Schellekens

    I guess this article was not open for conversation. Would be nice to have that information beforehand…

  • brassyhub

    Puzzled that my comment, posted a couple of days ago, and visible (positive) seems to have been censored…?

  • I don’t know what occurred, but I don’t censor anyone. 🙂

  • I don’t know what you mean?

  • soter phile

    “Sin is building your identity on anything other than Christ.” – Søren Kierkegaard

  • That’s good!

  • FrustratedGrace

    Rudy, thank you for your heart felt comments. Faith is far more fluid than religion. I have found that legalism is hard pressed to moves or have “ears to hear”. I respect the way you believe and I see your argument. I recall wrestling through these issues and I asked a man on the other side of the fence, “How did you get through”? His answer was simple and not enough for me at the time. He said, “I had to believe that the grace of God was enough, even for me”. Some time later, I understood.
    I don’t want to anger you and I don’t want you to feel brushed off. I can tell you that IF Christ died for all my sins, from the moment I was born until the day I die, then I am forgiven. I can tell you that when we live under works based righteousness, we police behavior instead of living under grace. When we police behavior, we live in a sin cycle. When we understand the true nature of grace, we are free indeed.

  • FrustratedGrace

    Thank you so much for your comment! People have marginalized me and condemned me without ever knowing me. I hope to not do that to others, even when they speak ill of me.
    I do believe that the truth does set us free. For all of us, it is a life long journey of discovery. I agree with you that God loves us so very much!
    All the best, PK

  • FrustratedGrace

    Thank you for your comments Myles. I find it amusing that we love to make comparisons as humans. Yours is definitely unique! All the best, PK

  • FrustratedGrace

    Collin, thank you for your compassion. I believe that God’s love is as individual as my father’s was toward his ten children. Each of us knew him differently and when he passed, our stories were all unique. I would never dream of interfering with that relationship just as I believe we have become far to involved in the relationships others have with God.
    I will tread lightly here as I feel your compassion and desire to have me see what you see. When I woke up to my legalism as a pastor, it was like a glass of water thrown in my face. I was so very passionate and rigid with the bible as my compass. When I realized I was just as legalistic as the Jews had been, it shocked me, but in a good way. Law is rigid and unmovable, except for interpretation of that law. It becomes our only recourse to debate law. I no longer do that because the son of God set me free.
    I pray that you will consider that legalism is still very much alive in the body of Christ today. I embrace you to lean in, to listen to the spirit of God who is the liberty that sets us free. You can trust him to lead and guide you into all truth; even if that truth falls off the page and comes from your heart.
    All the best, PK

  • FrustratedGrace

    Thank you so very much. It is with voices such as your own that others may listen and learn the real truth and not just the “ignorant” truth that is spread so widely. All the best , PK

  • FrustratedGrace


  • FrustratedGrace

    Hello Rudy and thank you for your comments. When you compare someone’s innate sexuality to a murderer, you believe that you are comparing sin to sin. This reveals your heart on the matter. Love is not a sin. I am sorry that you cannot see this but I respect your opinion. Perhaps some day, a situation will arise to help you see things. I believe it is the hardest thing for someone who has not experienced what it is like to be gay and has been taught it is a sin to repent of this mindset. All the best, PK

  • FrustratedGrace

    and Christ is love…PK

  • I originally wrote a five paragraph response but the system said it was under review and I it did not see it. But it is posted now.

  • soter phile

    so… as long as we can label something “love” it is Christ?
    how about what Donald Trump calls love? or Bill Cosby? or Kevin Spacey?

    No, Jesus defines love – what it is and what it is not.
    Christ demonstrated his love for us in this: while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.(Rom.5:8)

    Love ≠ whatever I want Jesus to be. That is returning to the slavery of sin (Jn.8:34).
    Our sinful re-narrations of ‘love’ are the very reason he’s dying on the cross.

  • Collin Stringer

    Thank you for the kind reply. Yes, truth is so hard to accept sometimes — whether we are towards the right or more towards the left. I, too, oppose Pharisaical legalism. But there is nothing wrong with letting the Bible be our compass. I might *think* the Spirit of God has spoken directly to me, but how can I know for sure? If I hear a voice, I check for station identification.
    I know God’s words when I read His Word. He preserved these words through the ages — so we might find His way today. The words He revealed will be the standard by which He judges us. Jesus says, “He who rejects Me and does not receive My sayings, has one who judges him; the word I spoke is what will judge him at the last day.” John 12:48
    This is good reasoning from Scripture, not legalism: 1) All sin is a choice. 2) Homosexuality is a sin. 3) Homosexuality is a choice. > I pray that we all will submit to King Jesus and find peace in Him. 🙂

  • Breannen Shim

    It’s funny you should bring up mental illnesses, because it’s a comparison a lot of people make, and they make it unfavorably most of the time. When you’re talking about congenital or hereditary disorders like psychosis, sociopathy, or kleptomania, the answer is yes, God made them that way. When you talk about a hereditary or neurological tendency towards addiction (drug, alcohol, gambling, or otherwise) the answer is yes, God made them that way. And the thing is, all of these disorders and tendencies are not in themselves sinful. Psychotic people and those prone to addiction are not automatically bad people. Disorders might lead them to do behavior that is frowned upon in society, it may even occasionally lead them to actually hurt somebody, actually sin. But that’s the exception, not the rule. 3.5% of the general population has some form of psychosis and the grand majority of those people never hurt a fly. In fact, mentally ill people are more often victims of violence than perpetrators.

    I don’t make this comparison to say that non-straight sexualities are disordered, the science doesn’t bear that out. I’m just pointing out that neurodiverse and queer people are treated in much the same way: treated as if our differences from the majority are inherently bad or sinful, rather than being judged by what we do and how we affect others. I’m not arguing either, like some do, that it’s ok to be gay, but its not ok to “act on it.” To compare it again to neurodiversity, that’s like saying it’s okay to be autistic, but not to show any symptoms. In both cases, people get judged for being different for reasons beyond their control, and then punished by society for acting the way they’re naturally inclined to act, even if they’re not hurting anyone by acting that way.

    My question is, if someone is naturally different and isn’t hurting anyone, what about them is so sinful?

  • FrustratedGrace

    Thank you for your thought out comment. I appreciate you being here as a voice. I hear you. I have been in the mental health field for over thirty years and diagnose people every day. I see that being gay was once, and still is often thought to be a psychiatric malady. In answer to your question, when there is no injury, there is no guilt. When there is no guilt, there is no condemnation to separate a relationship we consider holy and divine with our creator.

  • FrustratedGrace

    Thanks so much for your comments and information for others that may be inclined to seek more. All the best, PK

  • FrustratedGrace

    Collin, I would suggest you consider that every human being that is spirit led is the same. When God speaks through any man, truth is discerned and spoken. It is up to the hearer to discern that truth. We use the witness of others to confirm that witness of truth. This is no different for the disciples who penned the letters that we read today. They are not “super Christians”, they were just like us.
    When we hear any preacher or read any teaching we must discern truth. When we come together as believers, we confirm that witness to each other. This is how we function as a body. To that end, we can find God in the Bible but the bible is NOT God. It is not infallible. When we view it as such, we fall headlong into legalism in liu of spirit led sonship.

    Thanks again, All the best as we submit to Christ who is our peace..and is spirit. PK

  • FrustratedGrace

    Beautiful…thank you..

  • FrustratedGrace

    Rudy, making your point is not as important as love.

    I do not answer your argument because I am not arguing. PK

  • gloriamarie

    Breannen Shim, while I appreciated the thoughtfulness with you post, I have to disagree with you that these woes we humans can suffer are ever God’s will for us. How can God who is love will such darkness upon a person?

  • Breannen Shim

    I see what you’re saying. I have at least one mental disorder myself, depression, and it runs in my family, so it was something I was born with a disposition towards. But I see that instead of saying that God made me that way you could just say it’s a disease that runs in my family because we live in a broken world where disease exists. My point is just that it’s another thing that people are born with which isn’t a sin to have, like a non-straight orientation.

    I also don’t think that all mental disorders are automatically a bad thing for the person with them, which is why I like the term neurodiversity better. Because we live in a world built for neurotypical people, those with brains that work differently will always be put at a disadvantage, even if their differences would not be so debilitating in a world that was made better-suited to them. For example, autistic people sometimes have trouble in big cities because there are lots of noise, people, smells, flashing lights. But out of the city, without that all those artificial stimuli, they’re less likely to be overstimulated, have meltdowns, etc. So mental “illness” isn’t always harmful by itself, sometimes the problem is in the environment. That’s why I do believe that God made people to have brains that work differently on purpose, as part of the wonderfully diverse world God made.

  • James Elliott

    I must be an extreme moderate, which means i’ll get shot at from both sides of any given issue. (i’m really laughing when i write this.) In this case, if i’m listening to many more conservatives, i am pretty quick to point out the holes in the reasoning that uses flawed English translations of Scripture without any reference to historical settings with no other purpose than to put lgtb’s back in the closet. Nothing will make me stand up quicker for gay rights than hatred and ignorance, or this idea that love is a “one size fits all” sort of thing. On the other hand, i tend to be a bit skiddish when someone says “God made me this way” – whatever that “way” may be. I don’t think God necessarily made me straight…or male…or of Anglo-Saxon descent. The wiring is what it is. Christians are supposed to be proclaiming good news in the face of reality. I’m not sure it’s our task to define (or re-define) what that reality is.

  • FrustratedGrace

    Rudy, you can find God in the Bible but the Bible is NOT God. It is not a rule book to follow, but an arrow that points to Christ. To ask for a “biblical justification” is to reveal that you are bound by legalism. We are supposed to be “led by the spirit” not “bound by the book”. I suppose my time living in Africa on twenty-five dollars a month really stretched my faith to consider that spirit led living went further than biblical law. Some cry that we are not under the law, but grace and then turn the New Testament into a new form of legalism. I cannot give you biblical justification because I’m free from the law of sin and death and biblicism. PK

  • Teri Hawkey Silvey

    YOu are gross.

  • Teri Hawkey Silvey


  • Teri Hawkey Silvey


  • Rudy Schellekens


  • Rudy Schellekens

    You might want to improve your arguments, maybe?

  • Rudy Schellekens

    I appreciate your response. So, until not too long ago, it was considered that homosexuality was learned behavior. Where does that leave your conclusion about “behaviors can indeed be learned or unlearned. We as adults have to take responsibility for our behavior. We have the choice. These behaviors that you list cause harm to the doer and to others around them.”
    The question was not whether these behaviors cause harm or not: The argument is, God made me this way” and is used by people with these kind of behaviors, too.
    That is (one of) the reason why I asked for how the author came to that decision.

  • Rudy Schellekens

    Sorry about that. But does that mean you have to track me down to insult me??

  • gloriamarie

    “What makes the murderer and serial adulterer sinners – what invalidates THEIR claim, “God made me this way?”

    They do harm to others. What consenting adults choose to do is not harm.

  • Rudy Schellekens

    Allow me to introduce you to some more research:

    Nature vs nurture: the debate rages on
    Where does evil come from?
    Posted Aug 01, 2010

    Recently, there has been more research on the brain indicating that psychopathy (more commonly known as sociopathy) may be biologically based. This means that while it may be true that some people who are incapable of experiencing empathy towards others have had abusive or traumatic childhoods, these experiences don’t cause their condition”


    For further reading

    And there are many more places where you can find more information. Notice the similarities? BOTH homosexuality researchers and psychopathy researchers make the same argument… Somewhere in the genetic make-up.

    So a psychopath can make the same argument, “I am a psychopath, and God made me this way…”

  • gloriamarie

    Rudy, are you aware that a whole lotta peopl are convinced that those who believe homosexuality is evil are those who are also way deep in the closet terrified to come out?

    I commit you to God in love and pray that you will allow God’s love and truth to pierce any darkness you have, shatter it, and the truth sets you free, whatever the end result.

  • Rudy Schellekens

    Interesting: I stay on topic and I am a closet homosexual?

    What if the topic had been adultery? Drunkenness? closet adulterer or alcoholic??

    But I noticed you did not deal with the examples (From scientific journals, mind you) I sent.

  • soter phile

    There is also genetic evidence for addictive predilections like alcoholism.
    Does anyone encourage an alcoholic to say “God made me this way”?
    No, we readily admit it is an effect of the Fall.
    Your scientific appeal here is an attempt to avoid God’s Word.

    Again, God defines love.
    As Jesus said, love is the summary of the law – not the rejection of it.

  • Adam “Giauz” Birkholtz

    What is “homosexual behavior”? Is driving while black also a “behavior”?

  • Adam “Giauz” Birkholtz

    It was a well-spread lie that homosexuality is somehow learned.

  • Adam “Giauz” Birkholtz

    How would you know if the Bible wasn’t any God’s word? What does an omnipresent immortal person need with written language?

  • Adam “Giauz” Birkholtz

    The difference is harm. Homosexuality does not cause harm as the other things you state. If a God were to say “No” would that just be based on fluff?

  • Adam “Giauz” Birkholtz

    Yep, but we aim to stop psychopaths from causing harm.

  • Adam “Giauz” Birkholtz

    As far as we can tell homosexuality is a neutral thing that often leads to good things. Let us be “enslaved” to the good.

  • Adam “Giauz” Birkholtz

    A God is welcome to give their opinion on love any time. So far, Gods stay out of human affairs.

  • Rudy Schellekens

    “A well-spread lie?” Really? You are aware, of course, that the scientific jury on that is STILL out (At least, it was in 2013). Not only that, for decades, even in the 20th century, that was a theory considered “valid and proven.” At least, in the material I have been reading (and have been reading for the past 38 years).

  • Adam “Giauz” Birkholtz

    I’d also like to know what behaviors homosexual people do that I wouldn’t.

  • Rudy Schellekens

    Well, since I do not know YOU, I have no idea…

  • Collin Stringer

    Perhaps some day, a clear statement from our Creator will help us see things … HIS way. It makes me sad when I read these posts that have no words from God in them. Again, when we stand before our loving heavenly Father after this life, we’ll be judged by His words, not by our feelings, opinions, or perceived “truth.”
    Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our abode with him.” John 14:23

  • Collin Stringer

    “Christ is love.” That’s what 1 John 4:8 says. Good, you have used Scripture truth.

    I wish you could see how you are confusing people. I’m sure it’s not intentional, but you blur the landscape with your “led by the spirit of God” approach to finding truth. Please consider how your path to truth leads to great confusion. You see, you are led to your belief, another is led to an understanding by the spirit, and another listens to the spirit and comes to her own conclusion, and yet another guy opens his heart to the spirit of God, … continuing until you have, for example, 50 believers who all believe the spirit of God has led them to truth. And yet, they don’t see this issue alike. Many are not on the same page. Several have polar opposite positions on the issue. But they all sincerely believe that the spirit of God has led them to where they are.
    I hear so many confused voices, “Whom can we believe?” Indeed! How can anyone possibly know what is true? *How can anyone trust himself or herself when seeking truth with an imperfect heart?
    Not wanting any of this confusion, I have found solid reason to trust the Bible. I trust Jesus, who is love, and His word which is absolute truth.

  • FrustratedGrace

    Collin, Let us talk about a blurred landscape. Peter, the guy who Jesus said, “Get thee behind me Satan” to, who denied Jesus three times, who tried to seek favoritism over John, was a mess. The other disciples had similar stories. They were like us, people who are imperfect, yet whom God has chosen to place his spirit within.

    They were the ones who got together in a room and fasted and prayed. They had no bible to go by, just the instruction of Jesus. I’m sure they missed it, just as Paul did, just as we all do. We are imperfect vessels that God’s spirit dwells in.

    How did they do it, those early disciples who forged this new understanding of being spirit led? How? They got together in a room and fasted and prayed. They cast lots. Yes, they did. When they couldn’t agree, they came up with methods to agree upon. They had a mission, that mission was to share the love of God that set us “free” from policing sin and constantly pointing to those imperfections.

    When I was in Africa, I was lost in worship and when I prayed for people, ALL of them were delivered and healed. That was to include a man who had never spoke, mute from birth. It caused a revival in that area. It wasn’t a revival to church and religion, but the spirit and truth.

    You wrestle with these things because your faith is in religion. You would rather trust a book then to trust the spirit of God within all of us to come to a consensus together. When we walk in love toward each other, without a hierarchy, we are equally important. When we submit to one another in love, we listen and agree on direction and purpose. That purpose being Christ, and the love of God.

    I feel for you Collin, for the absolute truth dwells in each of us. I wish you could see as I have seen, believers who work together in love and truth. There is a way that seems right to the religious, but in the end, it leads to deception and error. Yet religion and the religious such as yourself are often the first to say that true believers are in error.

    I would challenge you to trust God. When I lived in Africa I learned how. When I had nothing and had to trust the discernment within myself, I learned how. When I had no one to rely on but God, He showed me how very capable he is. I also learned that humanity is capable of great and amazing things.

    All the best, PK

  • Collin Stringer

    I truly appreciate you taking time to write out these cogent thoughts. I’m glad you have had these good experiences in your journey with the Lord. But you do not respond to the situation of hundreds of people having variant views as they *think* they are led by the Spirit. This is a certain consequence – inconvenient truth for you.
    And as you make your points, you refer to Bible scenes (praying, fasting, and casting lots in Acts 1, for example). Is this accurate history? Did they really do this? “Yes, they did” you say.
    If we can trust Luke’s account, we know these apostles were given unique direction by the Holy Spirit. Peter confirms this:
    “For we did not follow cleverly devised fables when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ … We also have the word of the prophets as confirmed beyond doubt. And you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture comes from one’s own interpretation. For no prophecy was ever brought forth by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” 2 Peter 1:16-21
    Words from true prophets give truth “beyond doubt.” We are warned not to believe what comes from an uninspired person since they can only give their “own interpretation.” We should ONLY believe the men who “spoke from God … (and were) carried along by the Holy Spirit.”
    You can’t pick and choose scripture you like. The entire collection of words from true prophets has withstood the test of time. Listening to all of it, God eliminates private revelations. He has already given us “all that pertains to life and godliness” in His word.
    Grace and peace to you!

  • FrustratedGrace

    Collin, thank you for replying, it was a busy week at work for me. I want to take care to answer you and hope that you are able to see my journey as I consider yours. Yours is my past and it could be that mine is your future. Yet, even if you do not walk forward to meet me on the path, I hold no desire for you to do so. Your journey is yours and I leave it there.

    You still believe the bible is infallible and I honor that.
    I believe that you can find God in the bible but the bible is not God.
    I believe the disciples were men, fallible and imperfect and, just as we listen and discern today to hear God speaking through an individual, they are not exempt.

    I do not believe that we can walk blindly thinking that all of the bible is perfect as we find that there is truth that is relevant to the time period that is no longer such. We no longer hold slaves for instance. Also, Paul’s declaration of a woman keeping silent was a personal decision based upon the prevailing social perceptions. There are MANY arguments throughout the bible, and this is not exclusive of the New Testament. It is there for those who have ears to hear.

    The bible does not declare its infallibility nor does it prove the same. This is tradition and religious prognostication that relegates faith to a place of ineffectiveness. When you follow the bible, you miss the leading of the spirit. When you are spirit led, you may find the bible as part of that life, but not the primary. Relationship over religion.

    Again, when all the disciples gathered to await the promise of the spirit, they fasted and prayed. They came together, as any body of believers and discerned a direction. It appears that you skimmed right over that response from the last time. When a group comes together in a true expression of egalitarianism, they ask God for direction, pray together and then TALK about it. People are capable of coming to a consensus. I have functioned this way in more than one body.

    People can work together in love, discerning the spirit of God. That is the way we are supposed to function. Pharisees can’t see that because they love the law more than the spirit. When you follow the law, it is hard to see that there is nothing to be afraid of. The law is all about fear but God has not given us a spirit of fear.

  • FrustratedGrace


  • FrustratedGrace

    Thanks Adam..PK

  • FrustratedGrace

    Rudy, “homosexuality” wasn’t in the original bible…but it got there as society learned to hate and infiltrated the church with it as well. You stay on your topic Rudy, you have difficulty listening to anything but your topic. You are here to make statements, not to listen. Change doesn’t happen that way, but arguments do. PK

  • FrustratedGrace

    God made you heterosexual Rudy. PK

  • FrustratedGrace

    Prove God made you hetero Rudy. It would be a great place to start. PK

  • soter phile

    God coming in the flesh (i.e., Jesus) is far from “staying out of human affairs.”

  • soter phile

    you said: As far as we can tell…
    this begs the question – especially on an ostensibly faith-focused website.
    for those who believe the Bible to be what it claims to be (the Word of God), you are mistaken.

  • soter phile

    is adultery harmful? two consenting adults in private…
    the Bible is clear about that – but your hermeneutics here would allow it.

    and interesting how you presume all who disagree with you warrant the pejorative label of ‘homophobes’ – as though fear of homo5exuals were the problem. it’s an attempt to have science dodge metaphysical claims – despite the fact that science cannot speak to metaphysics (by design).

    NB: that is not at all the claim of those with whom you are disagreeing.
    are you intentionally building a straw man so you can dismiss it?

  • gloriamarie

    Well, if people ceased to act hatefully to LGBTQ then they wouyld not be called “homophobes” their own behavior labels them. It is not a questionnofwhether or not they disagree with me but how they chose to speak and behave. So if anyone is building a strawman it is you with your intentional twisting of my words.

    Is your personal behavior and words to and about LGBTQ hurtful to them? Then you have chosen to act as . homophobe.

    Is adultery harmful? Of course it is. But one cannot compare adultery within a heterosexual marriage with an consentual union between two consenting adults of the same gender. It’s apples and oranges because with adultery one party at least is betrayed.

  • Adam “Giauz” Birkholtz

    No God claims the Bible. The silence is deafening.

  • Adam “Giauz” Birkholtz

    That’s in a book. No Jesus claims they did that.