Day 26, 27, 28, 29: Ooops!

Day 26, 27, 28, 29: Ooops! November 29, 2012

I had so much fun this weekend with family that I didn’t miss you at all. At all. And that’s why I didn’t come back. Oops.

Having fun at a greasy spoon.

Also, the week you are expecting AF and it is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to arrive, and you did do treatment after all, is the worst week ever to blog about your blessings.

Or maybe it’s the best week to blog about blessings and I decided to let the opportunity pass. That sounds like something I would do.

I tried to sit down and write a Christmas letter to stick inside our cards and all I could come up with was:

Dear Family and Friends,

We’ve had a busy year. Maggie has grown and changed so much! Atticus is still really enjoying his job. We went to be beach, oh and by the way, I’m still subfertile.

Merry F’ing Christmas.

Love, The Fumbles Family

So I destroyed all evidence of that mess, poured a glass of wine, and watched Alias instead.

I’m grateful for the delete button.

And for not writing Christmas letters.

For glasses of wine, both white and red.

For friends who get it and pour you a large glass as soon as you get to book club.

For friends who listen, even though they have no idea. For friends who listen, because they know all too well.

For a husband who hopes enough for both of us.

For clinging to Our Lady of Sorrows like my life depends on it. It probably does.

Even though it’s been a tough week, there is still plenty to be grateful for!

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  • Gratitude posts like these are usually my favorite. Probably because it takes more effort to be grateful when your heart is feeling anything but. Also because they’re usually funnier and involve alcohol 🙂

  • Pat

    Thank you for writing and sharing and reminding your readers to be thankful. I am thankful for our third daughter.

    I am thankful for my job at Murdock. I am thankful that my life has been spared major trials after I hit age 30.

    I am thankful that someone reminds me to be grateful.

    Your writings on being thankful create a “thin space”. An opportunity to experience God because the Bible also tells us to be “thankful always”.

    Does that put you into the category of a prophet?


    Someday you will write a novel and your characters will be real.