Game Changer

Game Changer December 4, 2012

Ha! You thought I was going to announce I am pregnant, and that’s the game changer, didn’t you? Well, if you did then you’d be w-r-o-n-g because I am still sub-fertile and now you’re stuck reading on to see what the game changer is. Sucker.


I’ve been quiet because shit is getting real over here.

My Napro doc broke up with me. Seriously, I didn’t even realize that was a thing. She took one look at my chart for the last cycle and was like, “I don’t even know what this is.” I don’t know what her actual response was, but I do know she sent me an email telling me her experience and knowledge was no longer suficient for my case.

I’ll tell ya. You know what makes you feel like it is WAY worse than you thought it was?

A doctor telling you that she doesn’t have enough knowledge or experience to treat you.

There I was on our way to the Christmas tree farm to get our tree, and I decided to check my email. Bad. Nothing quite takes the holiday spirit out of cutting down a Christmas tree as deep abiding sorrow. It was also 65 degrees outside, which also sort of ruined the moment. At least Maggie had fun getting filthy and eating pine needles.

Mother of the year, right here.


I got nothing. But I did find Suri’s Burn Book (where have I been?) and it’s a game changer. Go ahead, look at it. You can thank me later. I tried making Atticus look at it, and he was all, “Why are you looking at pictures of celebrities kids? What kind of person just posts random pictures of famous children?” I tried explaining Suri and he wasn’t impressed. He doesn’t really speak sarcastic.

Also, she has a book. Whoever gets it for me for Christmas will be my best friend forever.

I think that’s it. Oh, and Stevie Wonder Christmas music. You can’t be sad when Stevie Wonder is singing.

"All I can say is, magnificent. My heart breaks."

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  • I think your doctor breaking up with you is the best thing that could’ve happened to you (other than getting pregnant of course!). AND I really do think it is more a testament to her lack of knowledge than to the difficulty of your case. It honestly sounds to me like she has a cursory knowledge of NaPro protocols, but not any decent understanding of the science behind it. (I don’t mean that as a personal attack on her at all.)

    Anyway – you know I’m praying for you!

  • I think Rebecca’s right. It doesn’t mean your case is too difficult, it’s just not something that doctor is able to deal with.

    And Suri’s Burn Book? I really do like that blog. I know I shouldn’t, and yet I do.

  • Having to switch doctors is a pain, but hopefully your next one has the expertise you need and can help you find some answers! I stayed too long with my first NaPro doc who sounds like your ex-doctor. I wish he would have admitted that my case was beyond his knowledge and experience a lot sooner.

    I love Suri’s burn book too. 🙂

  • Pat

    Thanks for sharing. Two year olds can find a way to enjoy most anything if we let them get down, explore, get dirty, and put things in their mouths. Maggie was impressed because during my visit she kept pointing to the tree and saying Daddy. Good old day must have made a fine picture sawing down that tree.

    I’m glad you are finding a different doctor. Please do not give up hope.

    Yours is the only blog I read, and so I will not read the Burn blog.

  • Sounds like it might be time to move on up the NaPro food chain. If your doctor doesn’t know what she’s talking about it’s not your fault, it’s hers. Can you send your case to PPVI/Hilgers to see if he will take you on?

  • I’ll keep your doctor woes in my prayers! Hopefully this will pave the way for you to find someone even better for your situation.

    I’m SOO glad that Suri’s Burn Book has found another victim, I mean fan. Seriously changed my life when I was stressed out job hunting last year. Actually, I am still stressed out job hunting, so I need all the celebrity baby snark I can get.