7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday May 3, 2013


This week I attended my very first Mother’s Day tea at Maggie’s pre-school. Oh my goodness is was so sweet. Homemade placemats for mom and Maggie, handprint flower centerpieces, decorate your own cookies, and macaroni necklaces. So fancy.

I also had a homemade flower corsage.

IMG_0546Maggie and I with her teacher, Ms. S.


Speaking of Mother’s Day. We’re going to my favorite restaurant for this year, same as we did the last two years with M. It’s Traders Point Creamery, and it is a locally-sourced restaurant and dairy bar that is at an organic dairy farm. So much fun! It actually makes me forget that I kinda sorta hate Mother’s Day.

Oh, and the best chocolate ice cream ever. Nothing like eating ice cream when you can see the cows the milk came from.


Three years ago this week we had just returned from our amazing trip to Rome and were getting moved into our new house.

DSCI0142About to toss my coin the Trevi fountain

DSCI0053At the Colosseum


Three years ago, when we got back from Rome, we had just found out that Maggie existed and was snuggled in my womb. It was such a beautiful, amazing time, though I was a nervous wreck wondering how long she would be with us, nervously awaiting the first ultrasound.


Nearly three years to the day we learned that I was pregnant with Maggie, we learned that

IMG_0534Maggie is going to be a Big Sister!!!

We are humbled and overjoyed to announce a little brother or sister is on the way!!

Exactly 12 cycles after we started trying, and on a cycle during which I took clomid pre-peak and hcg injections post-peak, we are so grateful to God for this gift of a baby.

I am taking supplemental progesterone for the first trimester, and my blood draws have shown good numbers, for which we are grateful. I have an ultrasound one week from today (7 weeks) to see everything and check it all out.

Please keep me in your prayers, if I can ask, since I am a nervous wreck until I hear that heartbeat.


In an interesting turn of events, this baby’s due date is:


otherwise known as, Maggie’s 3rd birthday!


I’ll be induced a week early because of the diabeetus, but still. Crazy.


I told Maggie that Mommy is going to have a baby and she said,

“Brother and sister”

to which I responded,

“Well, we are probably just going to have one baby.”

To which she replied,

“Just sister.”

How do you explain that God chooses to a 2 year old? Any ideas?

So, we’re super excited and feeling very humbled by this gift, and very grateful. While I did not share “publically” that I was pregnant with Maggie until the first trimester ended, I wanted to take a different approach this time. I think part of me thought that if I shared early on, that this might somehow doom the pregnancy, since we shared super early with my pregnancy which ended in miscarriage.

But this time, I just want to celebrate this little life for as long as he or she is with us, whether it is the rest of our lives or the next few weeks. The life is no less precious to us if our baby is only here a short time. Thus, the early announcement.

And this way I can beg for prayers, for which I am so grateful!

Happy weekend and go see Jen for more quick takes!

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